I know I didn't have that many readers on here, but for the few who were dedicated I really appreciated it over the years. I tried my best to make product reviewing, video games and fashion my 'niche' but the truth is, I was in denial. It just wasn't my thing and so, N E N, something I came up with not so long ago was pretty short lived and I apologize. 

BUT I will NEVER stop blogging. Blogging is too big a part of my life. As I've posted on this blog a while back, I did update another blog that I deemed at the time my "photography" blog. I've actually found out what my niche is after all these years and nope -- it's not photography but it's the very thing I've been doing all of my adult life: GRAPHIC DESIGN!

So come check out my design blog. I actually update it regularly as I now know what my blogging niche is. As hard as I tried to make it about fashion and beauty and all the other stuff I love out there, it just wasn't my thing. I'm so happy though because I finally found something that fits ME and I hope you will engage in that journey with me. Although I understand not everyone is a 'designer', I think designers and non designers alike will appreciate the content. 

You've been good to me NOKZI....loraemon.......Not Enough Nylon.....it's been fun these last few years but I will not be attempting to renew this blog in any way. 


Comparison Review: Corsair Vengeance K70 vs Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (2013 edition)

Whatup gamers!! Okay, so this is something I've been wanting to blog about for the last couple of days, because since the last time I talked about my Corsair K70, I actually got my hands on the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. I thought this would be a perfect time for someone like me (a noob gamer/noob mechanical keyboard owner) to share with those looking to buy their first mech keyboard, some pros and cons of both keyboards. It seems like these two keyboards are running head to head in the "best gaming keyboard" competition, yet oddly enough, there are very few comparison reviews on them. So with that said, let's get into it!


AFTERGLOW USB wired XBOX 360 controller

STEAM is having their Holiday sale! Every day until January 3rd, they're having different games on sale. Yesterday I bought Final Fantasy 7 and 8 for the PC! Okay honestly, I know these are old games but 7 was $4 and 8 was $8. How does one say no?

So naturally, I bought a controller to play on my PC. I've actually never played any PC games with a controller so I felt compelled to get a new controller. This isn't an official XBOX controller, which I know a lot of people frown upon since 3rd party controllers tend to be more cheaply made and thus break easier. Unfortunately for me, I'm a creature that is easily lured by 'aesthetics'. You know, like buying something for the packaging. In any case, I read some reviews on Amazon before purchasing these, and they seemed decent. Plus, they're cheaper. Anyway, here it is!

Oh did I mention it glows? Yeah. I'm sucha sucker for translucent, glowing things (as you can tell from my keyboard...). *sigh* It does look pretty damn cool though, right?

Let me know if you've ever bought gaming gear purely because of how it looked and if it absolutely came back to bite you in the ass. lol

Until next time,


Review: Smashbox Wonder Vision eye set

You know what's crazy? A few years ago I would've never given a penny of my hard earned money on expensive eye shadows. Although I've always been a fan of makeup, I just didn't really care much for eye shadows. It's just something I never thought I'd use. Boy was I wrong! Lately I've been going eye shadow crazy--but mostly for the palettes. The most important thing for me is to incorporate as many diverse colors as possible. I'm not a huge fan of getting similar colors just for the sake of getting a similar color. I like having my palettes all be for different purposes. With that said, I've been going crazy with the really big palettes out there, like the Naked palette. I wanted something that was compact and a bit smaller, so it would be easier for me to switch out and carry around.

So when I saw these babies on sale at Macy's, I knew I needed to pick them up! I did get to swatch them a little bit while I was at the store, but everyone knows that department store lighting can be very deceiving. They were originally $35 but were on sale for $25. Each of these come with an eyeliner and mascara as well. They seemed decent when I tested them at the store, so I thought this was a great deal! And even better, they'd make great gifts! So let's see how they turned out at home.

There are 3 different palette options: Sparks, Cosmic, and Flash. I only got Flash and Cosmic. Sparks is a more neutral palette and since I already have a few neutral palettes, I didn't feel the need for another one.

This one is FLASH. As you can see, it's a very shimmery pinky neutral palette with 5 different colors. I really wanted this one, despite having the Naked 3 already, because I'm IN LOVE WITH PINKY NEUTRALS. I don't think you understand. I am just obsessed with pinks. Okay, let me stop myself before I go crazy again.

Swatches: (from Left to Right) plum, slate, purple shimmer, taupe, ballet pink, pink shell

I tried my best to show the most accurate color of the shades. These probably took about 3 or so swipes to show the colors off. And I did use a shadow primer.
The first thing I will say is, it does to have a bit of fall out. The formula of the shadows are not very hydrated at all, meaning they are mostly a powder formula. I'd say, the quality is an in between of drug store eye shadow quads and a more higher end shadow. The color payout isn't that great, but regardless, they are still very pretty shimmer colors that are good for neutral looks with a bit of sparkle.

Note: I haven't used these on my actual eyes yet.

The second palette is called COSMIC. And omg--I really like this one.

(From Left to Right: sapphire, smoke, aqua, luster, silver, sandstone)

Right off the bat, you can see that the color payout on this palette is much more pigmented! It might also be just because these are darker colors in general, but either way, I think these colors are quite nice. The last color, sandstone, looks almost like an invisible chalky color, but this is a great highlight color as well as silver. I'd like to think the two mixed together would make a really nice highlighter. My favorite colors on this one is definitely Sapphire and Aqua. They are so so so pretty in person!

Here's another look at Sapphire. YES. It is a black color with specs of blue-ish purple micro glitters! It's so beautiful in person!

This palette still has the same formula as FLASH though, so you'll expect some fall outs either way. But in terms of being a palette that I'd use, I see myself grabbing this one quite often! I love the neutrals that are in this as well and think they compliment my skin tone much better than the pink one. It's also quite versatile in itself. I can just look at this and think of all the Day to Night looks I could create with just this little palette. Plus it's compact!

Lastly, as mentioned, these each do come with a Smashbox Full Exposure mascara in Jet Black and Limitless eyeliner in Onyx.

I have yet to use this on my actual eyes, so I can't really say much about it besides the fact that it's not waterproof and the bristles seem dense and short, which would be ideal for my sparse lashes. I'm not a fan of non waterproof mascara though, so who knows.

The liner is also a non waterproof crayon liner.

I did a little a sample of it here.

In conclusion, I think they are pretty decent considering they're only $25. I mean, the palette itself should be worth that price. So the fact that you get two extra items is a great deal! I checked Sephora and the mascara itself is $19! So is the pencil. So that's $40 worth of product for free already. Like I said, I haven't tested the mascara and eyeliner, but how bad could they possibly be for a $20 product? lol. Knocking on wood.
Considering most drug store palettes aren't that great and the better ones are around $10-$15, this is totally a legit option for all you makeup lovers out there. Interested? You can grab these HERE.

I'll eventually do some looks with all these shadows! So stay tuned.

*This is a non sponsored product review. All products mentioned were purchased first hand.


GAMELIFE: Would you get a mechanical keyboard? + Semi review of Corsair Vengeance K70

I recently got a Mechanical keyboard, after having my Gateway chiclet keyboard for a good five years....it was time for me to part ways. Despite the fact that my old keyboard had the letters wearing off, I was being really stingy about buying a new keyboard. Plus since I knew gaming was a part of my life, I wanted invest in a good gaming keyboard if anything. My boyfriend decided to buy me a mechanical keyboard for my birthday (and/or Christmas since my bday is on the 22nd ;__;) and I'm pretty happy with it so far. 


Real vs Fake: Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

So long story short, I bought the Naked 2 palette from ebay and ended up getting a FAKE palette!

I didn't start using it right away but when I told my friend about it, she noticed that the outer packaging looked different from hers. Neither of us are die hard crazy 'Naked' fans or anything. We just wanted a nice, long lasting, versatile palette. We initially thought that maybe hers or mine was a special packaging, but we came across some bloggers who were saying that they have been duped by fake palettes from ebay and Amazon! I was pretty shocked and then laughed about it....AFTER I bitched out the seller on ebay of course. :)
I was curious to know exactly how different they are from one another. I mean, the fake palette looked pretty legit after all......so I did a quick comparison test to see how they match up.

FYI: A legit seller on ebay sells the fake Naked palettes, but they don't label it as "Naked" since that's a brand name of Urban Decay's. They give it some generic name instead, like "12 color natural palette" or something. They go for about $25 each and I've seen both the Naked 1 and 2 dupes being sold.

[Keep in mind: The more "purple" looking one is the FAKE one. The brownish looking one is the AUTHENTIC one.]


Closing / Hiatus?

I'm probably going to either close this blog off from the public (unless youre following me) or go on "hiatus". I just realize I spend a lot of time here but I really don't know what I'm blogging about. I don't really feel inspired in any way to keep this blog. Those of you who have followed me for a while, know well how I've been fickle with this blog. I've tried everything from changing the name a several times, to completely revamping the look and feel, to even closing it down and re-opening another blog--only to do the same damn thing.

The reason I don't want to keep it open as a "life" blog is because I use my TUMBLR blog quite frequently. I don't always write about a lot of things, but whenever I have something on my mind, I usually blurt it on tumblr. I just don't see the point of 'this' blog anymore. I've tried really hard to convince myself that I should stick with it, but honestly, I've been paying more attention to my photo blog, and really feel like that's something I'm a bit more passionate about.

Anyway, we'll see what I end up doing with this blog. For now, I'm definitely at the very least, putting it on a long hiatus.


White coffee table & blogging

Lately I've been really trying to find a 'niche' in blogging. For the longest time, especially with this blog, I feel like I wasn't really getting anywhere in terms of having something to blog about. Then, about a couple weeks ago, I started doing the "Photo-a-day" challenge. I wrote about this previously, but since then, it's actually become a really fun hobby to me. So I think I will start updating a lot more on my photo blog. I'm not sure what to do with this one to be honest. For now, I'll probably leave it as a place to dump my random thoughts and ramblings and occasional vanity/art related post. 

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