I know I didn't have that many readers on here, but for the few who were dedicated I really appreciated it over the years. I tried my best to make product reviewing, video games and fashion my 'niche' but the truth is, I was in denial. It just wasn't my thing and so, N E N, something I came up with not so long ago was pretty short lived and I apologize. 

BUT I will NEVER stop blogging. Blogging is too big a part of my life. As I've posted on this blog a while back, I did update another blog that I deemed at the time my "photography" blog. I've actually found out what my niche is after all these years and nope -- it's not photography but it's the very thing I've been doing all of my adult life: GRAPHIC DESIGN!

So come check out my design blog. I actually update it regularly as I now know what my blogging niche is. As hard as I tried to make it about fashion and beauty and all the other stuff I love out there, it just wasn't my thing. I'm so happy though because I finally found something that fits ME and I hope you will engage in that journey with me. Although I understand not everyone is a 'designer', I think designers and non designers alike will appreciate the content. 

You've been good to me NOKZI....loraemon.......Not Enough Nylon.....it's been fun these last few years but I will not be attempting to renew this blog in any way. 

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