Hey I'm Lora! I'm a graphic designer from Los Angeles, California.
I live a humble life with my boyfriend and two cats! I love humor, video games, 
makeup, fashion, music, weird stuff and everything in between! 

This blog will be primarily focused on reviews of all the things I love (or hate!).
In terms of gaming, I'm not a "hardcore gamer" but I am highly engaged in the video
game culture. I also don't play console games much and never really have
(unless you count Super Nintendo).
I've always been more of a PC games person and currently I play a lot of
  League of Legends

x x x

Behind the name: 
"Not enough pylons" is a meme phrase that came from the game Starcraft.
"Nylon" is a popular fashion magazine. I wanted my blog name to reflect the two things 
I like to write about most: Video games and everything related to girl world. 

If you need to contact me, you can email me at:

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