Closing / Hiatus?

I'm probably going to either close this blog off from the public (unless youre following me) or go on "hiatus". I just realize I spend a lot of time here but I really don't know what I'm blogging about. I don't really feel inspired in any way to keep this blog. Those of you who have followed me for a while, know well how I've been fickle with this blog. I've tried everything from changing the name a several times, to completely revamping the look and feel, to even closing it down and re-opening another blog--only to do the same damn thing.

The reason I don't want to keep it open as a "life" blog is because I use my TUMBLR blog quite frequently. I don't always write about a lot of things, but whenever I have something on my mind, I usually blurt it on tumblr. I just don't see the point of 'this' blog anymore. I've tried really hard to convince myself that I should stick with it, but honestly, I've been paying more attention to my photo blog, and really feel like that's something I'm a bit more passionate about.

Anyway, we'll see what I end up doing with this blog. For now, I'm definitely at the very least, putting it on a long hiatus.

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  1. You know, you really have a lot of posts. Maybe I can't find a central theme but I've only been here for a bit. Look your work over and you will see that you have a central theme.


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