Purple hair + other randomosities

 So I tried to dye my hair blue with Manic Panic semi-permanent dye, but it came out TERRIBLE. I guess I kind of expected it since blue + yellow = green but seriously, my hair looked like what I can only describe as Oscar the grouch being obliterated and his remains splattering all over my hair. Yeah.......it was that bad.

So I had a little bit of my Fuschia dye left from before and I diluted the crap out of it and tried to overlay it on top of the green/blue fiasco. Turned out okay but now my hair has a lot of random color streaking. In some ways, it's kinda cool but at the same time, it's a little weird looking in person lol. Well at least it's only semi-permanent. I'll enjoy/hate it while it lasts. :P
It does have an ombre effect at the tips, which kind of just happened accidentally because my tips were much more on the 'whiter' side of blonde than the rest of my hair.
The contacts I got are Honoo Violet lenses or something like that, I got these ShoppingHolics I believe. lol I forget. This is what it looks like in room light.

My makeup station. I got another container thing from Target (on the left side) to store all my big brushes and BB creams and etc stuff. I like that the brush holder is actually meant for a blowdryer lol
My mascara stash. I honestly do not even know why I buy mascara. I don't know if this is considered "a lot" or "little" to most girls but seriously, I think I've used all of these maybe like once or twice. I might do a review on all of them esp. for girls like me because I have NO LASHES. I mean, you know girls say that all the time (esp Asian girls) but no really, I really have very short lashes that are almost invisible. So if I want dramatic, I just use falsies. They are so much easier! The only mascara I have not used at all yet is the Falsies volume express one by mabeline (it's the pink one). My favorite/most used mascara is a combination of Lash Accelerator and that black Loreal waterproof mascara next to it. LOOVE that Loreal one! Makes my almost non existent lashes exist!
On a last random note, my boyfriend got me a DeathAdder as an early bday present LOL. The DeathAdder was actually my first gaming mouse which I bought super long ago (I believe 3-4yrs ago??) and it broke on me like a few weeks ago. It was the best mouse ever. Countless games of Counterstrike, Left4Dead, and LoL were played with that mouse. Then I had to substitute a shitty mouse to play LoL until now. YAYYY love this mouse!! /geeking


  1. your hair and makeup totally rocks in the first photo!

    i have a shitload of mascaras too :/ i went through a phase where i had to try ALL of them and find the perfect one... but that was before i invested in a good eyelash curler/waterproof formula. i think that's key for me, cause my lashes are super straight and my skin is oily so it used to smudge all the time. i've tried falsies before but i totally suck at applying them and they make me feel REALLY self conscious, cause i'm worried they might be falling off or something lol!

    when is your bday? i hope i didn't miss it, but happy early/late birthday to you! (:

    1. Haha! I have that same fear!! I feel like my falsies wil fall off. Also they irritate my eye...-__- so im just doomed to having no eyelashes for life i guess LOL but I think ill prob stick to a couple of mascaras from now on. Lately ive been on an eyeliner run tho! i think ill just stick to relaly good waterproof liners because i swear, i have the hardest time finding a liner that wont run on me and make me panda like after a while!

      And thanks girly! My bday is actually a month from now LOL its Dec 22!! so yeah....really early bday pressie from the bf. his excuse was so that my bday and xmas would be a little split apart and not so close together. im down with that! if it means i get double pressies HAHA xD

  2. Amazing hair! Could I get some advice, my GF wants to have purple hair but is to...timid?(Timid cannot be the right word, this girl has hitched through 12 countries) any advice on how to empower her?
    Your fan from http://www.yourworldyourhome.com


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