YIPPEEEEEEEEEE I had my finals and this quarter is DONE SON. That means, I get an actual winter break instead of a dinky 1 week break like usual. 2 WHOLE WEEKS BABY. I'm so happy and excited that I've been super nice to everyone LOL. I have a lot of things to blog about but right now I'm catching up with my Leagu since I haven't played in a while.

(incoming post only relevant to League of Legends players .......)

Since the new patch updates for season 3 (meaning, all the massive changes and new items that I have yet to read about) I pretty much suck at Summoner's Rift, so I've been tryharding on Dominion instead :D .........with AP Soraka
I try to come in 1st place in every single game. Oh, in case you're curious and have no idea what I'm trying to get at.......Soraka is a SUPPORT champion. Yeah.....but she rawks k. 
Except that one game where I came in 2nd. F THAT. I DONT TAKE 2ND PLACE. THATS FOR LOSERS.  /rant


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