Finally, it's Hoodie weather!

It's that time of year again where I can bring out my colorful, warm, and soft hoodies!

I don't know about you guys but I'm totally feeling "Winter" already. It's always a little weird to me that Halloween borders Christmas time because Halloween is such a different vibe from Winter I think. On a side note, I'm actually sitting here listening to one of my favorite xmas tracks of all time, "Let It Snow" by Boyz II Men. I know, I know. But I hate how Christmas R&B music is so damn good but has very distinct lyrics about 'Christmas", so I feel that it's really only appropriate to listen to the songs during Winter time lol.

I don't know if it's the designer in me, but I swear I am never satisfied with any design......ever. I've been trying to fix my blog layout to my liking but for some reason I just end up not liking it and changing it all over again. I think I'm just a difficult person to satisfy. lol. For now, I like the modern look of this layout so I'll 'most likely' keep it for a while.

I actually can't sleep at the moment (2:30am) because we had to call the cops on the tenants above us because they were blasting music and my bf couldn't sleep. I mean seriously, this pisses me off so much because for one, it's a flipping SUNDAY. Do people not have work?? I guess that's not fair to ask because I don't have work.......lol but the point is, you live in an apt. This isn't your house. It's just really inconsiderate to do that when you're living in a place surrounded by other tenants. The cops came and they finally shut up but now I just can't sleep so I figured I'd blog since that usually helps me get sleepy. I've been looking online for color and design ideas for our new apt which we will be moving into in about 2 weeks! Everytime I think about the move, I'm both excited and not so excited because I hate moving. But I am excited to be moving closer to L.A. and school. So far my ideas for the room is to have a nice blue or gray blue color on the back wall with white wall accents. I really want to paint the walls in the kitchen green but the kitchen is so tiny that I don't know if it's even worth doing it. For the living room I was thinking royal blue walls with black compliments (furniture) but I have to talk it over with the bf. We'll probably head to Home Depot this weekend to pick out colors.

Well I'm going to try and go back to sleep. I'll probably dream of Christmas since I've been listening to Christmas tracks this entire time. gaahhh lol

MERRY CHRISTMAS!.........almost :P

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