My Princess Camera!!! [jeweled]

I can't believe I actually decided to do this, but I tried to "decoden" my LX5 just because it's something I've always wanted to do to my electronics but didn't have the balls to do. In fact, I'm still not sure I have the balls to do it. I don't know what came over me.

Speaking of LX5............so guess which camera I decided to keep? :D Yeah, I ended up going with the Lumix because the Olympus has been having a focusing issue and it really bugs me. Upon further inspection of the lens on the Olympus.....I saw a small very tiny but visible CRACK! I think that's why it's been having the focusing issue. Although oddly enough, people are saying on forums that the XZ-1 is known for focusing a bit off.....but the crack still bugs me and I know it didn't come from me so I'm returning the Olympus. I wanted to keep both because I had such a hard time choosing but I guess this is a sign. I'm sure my bf is ecstatic because he hated that I was trying to keep both cameras. lol It's okay, that means I can save up for that sexy D60 (Canon) that I will......have in.........10yrs or so. ;___;

The rest of the comparison reviews will unfortunately have to be canceled like a good TV show and given a choppy ending for viewer sake. Beyond the focusing issue (whether it's the crack's fault or not...) I did play with both a good amount so I have a good summary of the two. I'll post the finale to that comparison review when I'm not busy with midterms and projects.

Anyway, back to the topic...........I didn't actually bling the entire camera because I ran out of the swarovski crystals!! But I think it's okay. I kind of don't want the entire camera to be blinged. The cool thing about the glue I used is that it's strong but can also be 'rubbed off'. So if I really wanted to, I can just take off the bling and resell the camera in it's original form but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because so far I like the Lumix more for "fast" photography. The olympus takes brilliant photos but sometimes is a bitch to take a quick pic cuz of the focusing issue.

I'll shut up now and show you the camera. It's not perfect in any way. In fact, there were so many ugly little pot holes that I couldn't cover up that I very gracefully had to cover them up with PS twinkles. At least it looks cuter that way.

 I actually painted the hand grip part with spray paint. Let me just say.......ITS A BITCH AND ONLY DO IT IF YOU'RE SUPER DUPER CAREFUL. I used tape to cover the rest of the camera and then used a paper to surround only the grip part to spray paint. I was super careful too but when I took the tape off, the surrounding area had pink paint splattered all over it! Let me just say, if you're thinking of doing something similar to cover up an ugly hand grip on your camera or something similar, TAKE THE TAPE OFF IMMEDIATELY. You might think, shouldnt I wait for it to dry so the paint won't drip? NO. Because the paint can get underneath the tape still and drip under it and if it dries, IT DRIES. So it's better that it's wet so you can take a thin object with a blunt end (like a mechanical pencil) cover the tip with a paper towel and wipe around. That's why it looks so clean on mine. It was a hassle though.
 My rhinestone landyards I scored on ebay for $3 each!

 Nothing really special on the back, just some row of larger crystals.
So many ugly potholes but only the one side is blinged :3


I don't even know if this camera matches ME because I dress pretty casually lol. But it's so cute and blingy man how can you hate? :P

I loved my bf's response to it after showing it to him.
"It's so......................um................pink." 


  1. It's really cute. I don't have the patience to do something like this xD I have the lumix gf3 and honestly I wouldn't dare have the guts to put glue and crystals all over a 500 dollar camera lol. I would deco a like cheaper digital camera though if I wanted to xD Nice work.

    1. Thanks girly! haha I KNOW. Trust me, I know. I was like....oh my dear Lord am I really about to f*k up this nice camera....I mean, I did buy it for half the price because it was used (on ebay) BUT STILL. I got ballsy lol.

  2. this is AWESOME!
    i was seriously considering making my dslr pink, but i don't want to mess it up in case i don't like it or change my mind afterward :x

    1. Oh yeah I've thought about doing that before with mine. :P But since I'll be selling my DSLR, I'm seriously glad I didn't! I know Pentax k-r makes pink DSLR's but I don't like that they use batteries as opposed to a rechargeable battery.


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