Icy Tropical Delight

I was talking about wanting to do more makeup related posts. Not really because I'm aspiring to become a guru or anything like that but mainly because I invested so much money into makeup that I don't even use on a daily basis -__-. And in any case, a lot of the makeup I buy is sorta unconventional because they consist of bold colors, like the lipstick I'm wearing and the loud eye colors. I am honestly sucha lazy blogger. I don't wear makeup like this IRL, even though it would be cool too mainly because my eyes are super sensitive so wearing contacts or a lot of eye makeup irritates my eyes super easily. Since I got a new camera, I figured I can take some pictures of my makeup easier instead of trying to take pictures of myself with my big fat DSLR or have crappy quality ones from my Macbook. 

Anyway, I also have a bunch of cosmetic glitters and wanted to use them again! But boy, let me just say that glitter specs falling into your eyes while you're wearing colored contacts is really not so fun. 

(my camera likes focusing on just one eye. Eep.)
It's really difficult to capture the glitter specs on the camera by myelf. In normal shots, the blue kind of just looks like shimmer but it is in fact micro glitter specs. This was the best I could do with some help from photoshop of course. :3

Foundation: BB cream 
Base eye shadow colors: Sugarpill Acidberry and Mochi
Eyeliner: L'oreal gel liner
Lashes: Decorative Eyelash (Japanese brand) 
Cosmetic glitters: (Coastal Scents) Ocean Blue and Tinsel town (silver glitter) on top.


  1. this is so pretty!!! i love your entire look, you look fierce!

    1. Thanks girly! Black hair totally makes the eye shadow colors pop out more! So glad I bought wigs lol


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