Oriental Gold BB CREAM + updates

I got this baby in the mail today!
I know there's alot of reviews out there already in regards to this BB cream but I'll see if I'm up to do a real review on it. I haven't used it yet so I'm not really sure how good it will be personally. So far I tested it out on my hands and it smells really good! Kinda reminds me of Korean women who spray a little bit too much perfume when I go to the Korean malls in Ktown lol but in a good way and smells subtle. Okay that was the most fail description but trust me it smells nice.

The other thing I want to try out is the cheek and lip tint. I find it really kinda cool that they implemented that into this BB cream. Like, I wonder what compelled them to add that because none of their other BB creams are like that. So far I've tested it on my hands since I haven't washed my face yet. It does start off really gray/white-ish but it does in fact fade and blend into your actual skin tone. I think maybe the gray is intentional since this is a Korean product and most Asians tend to have yellow tone skin. But I think this is a bit 'too' gray looking. After 15-20 mins I think it's starting to blend in even more so we'll see. The real test is through taking pictures! I'm hoping flash won't make me look ghostly. It also has a bit of a sheen to it but it's semi-matte. I recommend using some powder with it if you're not into looking shiny or dewy. Otherwise from what I can tell, it seems to look very nice and natural which is exactly why I invested in BB creams.

 I don't use any store bought foundations except my Rimmel liquid foundation and a Cover Girl one I used to use a long time ago. My main foundation has always been BARE MINERALS. The thing with my skin is that it's really weird and complex. I swear my skin is like bipolar. Sometimes it's super dry and other times it's gets really oily. Although I have noticed that my skin only gets super oily when I eat something kinda oily. Otherwise it's usually just dry around my mouth and nose. I don't really break out unless I'm on my period or I ate like a bar of chocolate lol so my skin is fairly smooth. I don't like department store foundations either because they tend to be very heavy on my face. I could only stand to use Bare Minerals because it was very light make-up. And although some people might think that's a blessing, I just hate that my skin is so weird. I'm glad I've never needed acne control or anything like that but I wish my face made up it's mind about being oily or dry. Most foundations I've used have made my skin flaky or oil up. So when I heard about BB creams, I had to try it. Since it's not REALLY a foundation, I figured it might be what I'm looking for: something light but has a coverage and can deal with my combo skin.

Anyway, this weekend I'm going to Vegas and I expect to take lots of pictures this time! Since Saturday we'll be around the strip the entire day, I'll get to test out some of my make-up products to see how long they last. The true test to any beauty product is the long term effect after all.

Until then, have a great weekend everyone~!


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  1. wowow look at that packaging! so luxurious looking. i dig (: can't wait to see your review on it!


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