Magazine scans: Fashion 101

I've been meaning to do these magazine scans for quite a while now but I never knew how to set up my scanner and I'm lazy. lol. But I love reading magazines. As dumb as this sounds, I like magazines mainly for pictures and I rarely read them. I guess except Cosmopolitan because they actually have interesting things to read. So when I come across foreign magazines, like Japanese Shibuya fashion magazines I go ecstatic! I love the graphic design they put into Japanese magazines but I also like the fashion in American magazines.

I am by no means a 'fashionista'. I really like reading about fashion and trends but to be honest I don't follow them at all. I just pretty much wear whatever I think is cute and a lot of times I totally don't even get American trends. I'm like, what 20-something yr old would wear stuff like that? Ya know? But the point is that the trends are supposed to INSPIRE fashionistas not necessarily tell you what you have to wear exactly. Anyway, so from American mags and Japanese mags, I scanned some of my favorite pages just because visually I think they are interesting. I also include some cool packaging scans I found in my graphic design books. 
This will be a pretty image heavy post. :B Enjoy!

Magazine covers



AMERiCAN FASHiON SCANS (Nylon, People Style Watch, Cosmo, Harper's)



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