Pretty&Cute package + Quick review on FAIRY DROPS CANDY BAR BB CREAM

Okay so I gave in to all the beauty blogs out there and ordered from Pretty&Cute.com 
I was actually kinda skeptical at first since I'm skeptical of small online shops in general but I have nothing but good things to say about P&C!

First of all, shipping was extremely fast! I ordered less than a week ago and got my package today. :P
But that might be because I'm in California and the seller is from Oregon. Who knows.
They also have a lot of good Japanese and Korean products that you don't see anywhere else.
As with anything foreign in the US, of course the price is going to be a bit more than what you'd
pay if you were actually in the respected countries. But doing my calculations, you probably spend anywhere
between 1-5 USD's more than the retail price. So it's not too bad! Shipping is free over $50.

I mainly ordered from there because I wanted to try out the infamous FAIRY DROPS: CANDY BAR BB CREAM which is a Japanese BB cream. Since there's been a lot of hype about Korean BB creams I thought I'd give this one a try. I mostly was interested in the fact that it didn't go on grey like most of the Korean bb creams out there. And I liked the sponge applicator because I can take it around and touch up if I need to or go over to people's places without the mess of bringing my brushes with me.
Here's what I ordered. The BB cream and 2 contact lens cases. The lens cases are sooo cute! And they were like $3.50 USD each!
This one is shaped like a bear! The hello kitty one comes with contact tweezers, the case, and a little solution bottle for on the go.

I like the packaging on the fairy drops :3

This BB cream comes in two colors: Ochre (it's pronounced 'OH-KUR' btw. Not "OH-KRA" lol. That would be a vegetable...lol) and Light Ochre. If you read Eki's blog she uses Light Ochre. But to be honest, I think Ochre is the best choice of color for most Asian girls living in the states. Unless Light Ochre is not that much lighter, because I have pretty light skin. I mean, not pale, but I'm pretty 'light' in terms of most foundation I use. But Ochre actually matched my skin perfectly. Perhaps if you're a pale Asian girl I would recommend Light Ochre. If you're CAUCASIAN though, I'd have to say stay away from this BB cream. Why? Most of the Korean BB creams are grey in color but as you've probably read about before, the grey fades after a few minutes and blends in with your true skin color, which is why BB creams don't really have a specific color variation. That's the cool thing about it. THIS BB cream however is more 'yellow' in color and therefore if you have more of a 'blue undertone' (your skin tends to be more RED than YELLOW) I would'nt recommend this BB cream because the yellow may not blend in well but it's worth a try. Also the price would limit for me to recommend it in general.
WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT: The sponge applicator may be a hit or miss to some but I absolutely love it! It blends in my make-up really well without streaks. I also used it to blend in the sample BB cream of HOT PINK that P&C sent me and it works really well.
- Goes on smoothly, blends really well into my skin tone.
- Does not feel dry nor oily. One of the best foundations I've used on my stubborn skin!
- Almost looks as if I'm not wearing any foundation! Coverage is not heavy but at the same time covers my blemishes really well.

WHAT I HATE ABOUT IT: First of all, it's $40 if you order it from P&C. I haven't really seen any other retailer sell this item but the packaging says that it's ¥2,730 which is actually equal to $35USD! So the website is only really making $5 profit off of it but the actual item is pretty expensive as is. You might think, well it's foundation. Department store foundation is around that price. Yeah but this is REALLY small. Like, I think in 25 uses I'd use the entire tube easily.
- Expensive
- Small

I don't want to sound too redundant since there are a lot of blogs and videos about this product, but something you should note is that there's actually 35grams of product in this which equals to about 1.2 ounces. Okay if you know how tiny an ounce is you'll realize that's actually not very much at all. So I'd definitely think twice before getting it. Considering that most of the Skin79 Korean BB creams come in 40grams of product per container and cost half as much on Amazon, I'd say this BB cream is a total rip off! But it does work extremely well for me so....woe is me. -__-; My skin thinks it's some high class rich child. Sigh...

In conclusion, this is a great Japanese BB cream for those with more warm undertones. It blends extremely well and does not feel sticky or too drying. It's a good combination for most skin types. Even though it's costly, if you have trouble finding the perfect foundation or BB cream, I'd definitely give this one a try if you want to invest in it.

Until next time~



  1. "My skin thinks it's some high class rich child." LMFAO. your review was so much fun to read (:
    damn this is mad expensive for face product! it costs as much as high end foundation :0 i really like the make up for ever hd foundation, but it's 40 bucks for 1 oz.. so i guess these are like on the same level. i adore the packaging though :3 so effin cute.
    how did it wear throughout the day? i've tried a couple of bb creams and i generally like how they look, but my face gets all oily by the end of the day D: probably just my skin being stupid though.. i hate having oily skin lol.
    ochre like ogre (sort of)!! i had no idea that was how to pronounce it. i thought it was OCH-REH. lmfao. good thing i never had to pronounce it in public :P

  2. Anonymous9.3.12

    oh..interesting BB cream you got there..hope I can get it from SASA ^_^. Did a review on the mascara here:


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