Razer Tron mouse

 Patrick snagged the Tron mice from WOOT.com for $30! WOOOOT!

Anyway...this would be my second Razer mouse. One thing I really like about Razer mice besides the designs is that the packaging is also really cool and well done. So I thought I'd snap a few to show off the package design of this cool little mouse. :3




  1. Whoaa this looks super cool! I need another mouse. I got a Hello Kitty one from Hong Kong off Ebay like yearssss ago.. and the button's starting to act up and not release after I click D:
    I really like the color of your polish btw! :DD

  2. That is one sexy mouse. You know, I was actually just complaining about how junk my mouse was last night -_- but thi looks pretty pricey D:


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