Quick post: Cheap brushes at Target!


Okay, so this is a quick post but I just wanted to post something I bought today!

I went to Target and bought an eyeliner because I ran out. I really like this Rimmel liner because the top of the pencil has a smudge brush AND a sharpener built in! Pretty cool shiz! Anyway....

Also I found these e.l.f. brand brushes for like.........INSANELY CHEAP!! Cosmetic brushes range anywhere from $5-$40!! And even the cheap ones are pretty pricey, especially for big brushes, but these are super cheap. I'm talking like, $1-$3 cheap.
Ionly bought three because I wanted to test them out first. The reason it's so cheap is because they obviously use a very synthetic material for the hairs and sometimes it can irritate your face or cause breakouts. So I wanted to see how it would work on my skin since I tend to have sensitive skin.
I've been needing a FAN brush and a flat top brush forever! The small one is just a concealer brush for those small spots I like to conceal.

The two large brushes are $3 each and the smaller eye shadow brushes are $1. That's insanely cheap for a cosmetic brush! Synthetic, quality, or not. There's a lot of cheaply made brushes that are well over $10 so it's worth a try at least. :)



  1. The powder brush is my absolute favorite for stippling on foundation (: I don't have the concealer brush, but if you don't like using it for concealer, I've heard lots of people using it as a lip brush, or for clean up around your nails if you get polish on your skin!

  2. how much are rimmel products there?they're pretty pricey here -x- and i wish we had elf produccts! they look so durable and i love how it's always black. reminds me of the brand that i use a lot: Kate

  3. The Rimmel products are kinda pricey but they're still on the drug store brand side, price wise. It's about the same price as most of the Revlon stuff here. I guess it's a little more expensive because it's considered an imported product,, but i really like their eyeliners because they're super black!


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