Dancing in the neon lights

Decided to brush up on my PhotoManip skills since I've been getting kinda rusty with Photoshop in general.

I'm proud to say that I've been using FAR less of pre-made brushes than my last projects. In fact, I can't say I'm too proud enough to show any of my other previous PhotoManip works than the ones I've already uploaded. They just look so bad in my eyes. I kept this one simple for the sake of learning how to utilize plain brushes and the pen tool to make the composition interesting without pre-made brushes.

I'm still learning but I stand by what I said when I said that this is still my favorite form of design so far. I think sometimes your favorite thing to do when it comes to an art form is the thing you teach yourself. It's more of a challenge and if you really like the end result, it's definitely going to stick with you for a long time.



  1. This is really cool. I wish I was better at PS! I have it but it's soooo confusing to me >___<
    & dude, I want her abs! LOL


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