Music Post: F.O.M. (Fav's of the Month)



I feel like I need to post some music up since that's a big aspect of my life and this blog and I feel like I haven't promoted more of it.

These days I have so much music to go through it's not even funny. But I've been listening to popular and underground music alike and I've already started compiling my new playlist of favs. Here's a couple I'll share! [In case you don't know already, my music taste is VERY VERY eclectic. I listen to a wide variety of genre's so expect to find anything and everything in this list. :P ]

GD&TOP - 집에 가지마 (Don't Go Home)
I'm seriously addicted to this song! I love GD & TOP!

Sunset Daze - Selfish
A mellow, lounge house track. 

Samantha James - Breathe In You
Album: Rise

Amy Winehouse - Just Friends
Album: Back To Black

freeTEMPO - Prelude
a nice, disco house sound with piano riffs

Koda Kumi - Love Across The Ocean [Caramel Pod Remix]
Album: Driving Hits 2 (fast paced electro music, perfect for driving!) 

Chieko Kinbara - Mystery Girl [Feat. Byron Stingly]
Soulful house accompanied by the wonderful sounds of violin~

Funky DL - Danger [feat. Dukus Alemay]
Jazzy hip hop 

Specifics - Look Alive
One of my favorite Hip Hop groups, Specifics. Jazzy Hip Hop

That's it for now. Enjoy!


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