World Of StarCraft...2: My story

Omg....could it be? Could I be finally starting my quest into the world of Starcraft????


-Rewind to 1999-

So more than a decade ago, I was introduced to this game called STARCRAFT. Back when it came out, it was pretty much every gamer's mission to go to the local game shop and pick up a copy of this famed PC game. I even remember going with my cousin in Florida to pick up a copy. And then I proceeded to watch my cousin play the game for about 9 hours straight. Back then I had no idea what was going on in the game and I wasn't even interested in it remotely because the graphics looked scary and the characters were ugly. Don't judge me okay. I was into Super Mario and Barbie games!

Forward to a few years later, my cousins in California were also into the game. Go figure. It didn't help the fact that in Korea, Starcraft became a sport. I mean, seriously. Even I remember the fandom that surrounded pro SC player, SlayerS_`BoxeR`. Not only was he an excellent top player, he was good looking and had a groupie. A GROUPIE!! And he plays video games for a living!! In America, it was still kinda frowned upon to be a video game champ. It was mostly due to the stereotype that gamers were lazy, had no life, and were not very social. As true as that may be, one thing was for certain, gamers were definitely not stupid and SC players especially, definitely needed to use their noggin to strategize and use smart tactics to outwit another player.

So it's safe to say that I've been exposed to the game from the getgo. But I never engaged in the game myself. I did play Brood War a bit in high school just for fun because my guy friends played it, but I never got good enough to even play with real players. I just stuck to playing Ai's until I could beat them and well.....that failed miserably. Long story short, Starcraft has always been a part of my gaming life, but I never got into it because......


I'm just not a strategic gamer. I like games that require you to shoot a shitload of people or zombies. That's just the kind of gamer I am. And as much as I think SC is intriguing and interesting, I felt like I was never good enough to actually play the game FOR REAL.

In present day, I've been watching a few SC commentators on youtube, mainly Husky, HDStarcraft, and my absolute favorite, the infamous DAY[9].

This video cracks me up every single time I watch it. Mainly because I would probably react the exact same way. FUCK BUGS.

Anyway, watching Day9 videos with my friends and my boyfriend, I've really learned a lot about the game. Even though I don't play it, it's still really interesting to watch people play. As Day says himself, "Starcraft is like the modern day CHESS." And it really is. SC isn't just a game with the objective to kill the opponent. It's a game that requires skill and precision in order to make the best out of each gameplay.  The thing I love most about hearing about Starcraft is that so much mechanic goes into the game. If you're remotely familiar with board games like Stratego or Settlers, you'll know that it requires some thinking in order to win. So making sure that you know how to micro manage your team is extremely important in the game of Starcraft. The game is all about tactics. Your opponent and you could be using the exact same race, with the exact same number of units, and the exact same units, and what really makes or breaks the game is how each player goes on to attack and defend. In short (if you call that short..) there's alot that goes into this game and I think that's what keeps it as one of the top video games in the history of video games.

Anyway, the point of me talking about this in the first place is because I wanted to start playing. Like, foreal. God knows if I actually will do that since I'll be having a busier schedule this upcoming month and beyond, but I definitely want to pick it up as a hobby. I don't think I'll ever have the smarts to become very good at the game but I definitely think it's fun to play. And it is fun to play. Even as a total noob player, who could barely beat even the CPU's, the game is very fun to play if you get into it.

So to all my gamers out there, feel free to play with me and teach this noob a thing or two about how it's done! With the aid of my video sensei, DAY[9], I think it'll be really fun to get into and try and get good at it.

battlenet account: LORAEMON


  1. zomgz my bro plays this ALL THE TIME. and one of my roommates from last year did too. i always heard his battle cries at night LOL. the game never looked interesting enough to catch my attention though :x but thanks to you i know something about it now! i prefer racing games haha, perfecting lines sounds way easier than strategizing :3

  2. hhahaha yeah it's hella popular. I just jump on these things really late for some reason. and omg you're just like my friend Anthony! hahaha I still think it's funny that you know eachother. He plays racing games all the time! In fact, he's at our apt for a week or so and he's been playing racing games like, majority of the time lol I'm not even good at racing games -__- I can't drive in real life and i suck at driving games. It's pretty sad. SC is fun though but not when taken seriously.


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