After thinking about cutting my hair REALLY short again, I thought about how damaged my hair was already and then thought, you know what, it's summer, it's hot, and hair grows back. So I just went off and chopped my hair off. :D

I haven't actually touched my own hair in YEARS. And by "touched" I mean cut my own hair. Back in high school I thought i was the shit enough to cut my own hair without looking like I butchered it. To my surprise, it didn't come out so bad. Plus I save money. So much for my Shampoo posts HAHA I mean, I don't have much hair to work with anymore but to be honest, I love having short hair. It's just so much easier to manage.

This was my hair freshmen year of college. I had a dyke cut. LOLOL and it was done at a salon. It wasn't supposed to be this short but I was blind and had miscommunication with the terrible stylist and it came out with this pixie cut for my not so pixie face. I seriously got hit on by girls because they thought I was a boy. It wasn't that bad but I hated it being THAT short. I still can't believe I went there.

At least now my hair gets a chance to grow back naturally and not damaged. I don't remember the last time I recall seeing my hair in it's virgin form. Maybe 7th grade? I don't know. I just know that if I keep a style for too long, I get sick of it really quickly. I feel like Ramona (from Scott Pilgrim) because she always changes her hair color. Teehee.



  1. omg you are so brave! i could never cut my hair short cuhs I have the roundest face/chin ever. anyway, your hair looks really cute and i like your pink necklace :D

  2. haha thanks and I have a HELLA round face too T__T but my hair is so damaged I figured, why not. It'll grow back LOL I've always sported short hair as opposed to long hair, even though everyone like, hates my short hair hahaha I envy guys because they always have short hair. It's hot in the summer!

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