Dyed: I'm going PLATINUM ya'll!

So I recently made a post about how I cut my hair uber short. Well did you really think that I was going to leave my hair alone? :D Of course not you silly goose!

So my pink was fading to an undesirable color and I was sick of it. As much as I really want to have faded pink hair, the color I currently had was not going to do. There were way too many dark strands for one and on my super short hair, the highlights made me look like a mom or something. Or perhaps an older lady trying to be hip by having streaks of blonde in her hair. Yeah, in any case, I was tired of it.

I thought about it for a while and came to the decision to go PLATINUM BLONDE. And I mean, closest to white as possible. When I was in high school bleaching the shit out of my hair all the time, I always wanted to go platinum blonde but I thought it would be impossible without my hair falling out.
Now I figured, you know what. My hair is so damn short, what do I have to lose? Plus I have some slammin wigs if my hair does fall out so lets do this shit! :D

It's actually NOT FINISHED YET. Tomorrow or so I'm going to do the finishing touches of dying my hair to a platinum color. I've actually dyed my hair EIGHT (8) times in the last.....3 months or so. I know. It's super sad and I wonder how my hair has not died off yet but it's actually pretty shiny and soft O___O. I'm telling you. GOOD SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. Makes all the difference in the world.

Anyway, I decided to do a special vlog on my hair dying process. I notice a lot of people talk about going from black hair to platinum blonde, but very rarely I see people talk about the process of going from black DYED hair to platinum blonde. The process is very different and my hair was JET BLACk dyed.
before with dyed black hair. Oh yeah it was much longer too. 

All salons denied me of color. ORLY??? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

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