80's Sassparilla Throwback Du

Just a quick post because my hurr looks FABo today. :D

Except I forgot all my makeup in Patrick's car, so my face will not look as equally FABo today. But that's okay. SEE ME WORLD?!! WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

It started off like this. I braided my hair into little sections, which inevitably made me look mental or a bad version of Snoop Dogg. Mock as you may, the end result would be fab.

Sleep on it.
Wake up.
Then unfurl the braids and TADA. Pretty, silky, crimped goodness. Om nom nom.
My favorite thing to do with this style is to part my hair in half and throw the top section up like a pony tail. This creates the 80's Sassparilla Throwback Du. Don't ask what it means I just thought the name was appropriate.
 My hair looks shorter here, but it's a good kind of short. My mom calls it "Mariah Carey" hair. I guess she's referring to the 80's Mariah because she doesn't even know what current Mariah looks like. lol

jyeah. 8)



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  2. Thanks! :D It doesn't take much effort and it stays in with a little spray. But yeah, my hair is so naturally straight that it just goes back to straight in a few hours :(


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