So I ordered a batch of sample size glitters and mica's from CoastalScents!
I had terrible lightning in the room I was in when I took these so I had to use flash, but the colors are pretty true to the photos. All info is also included in the photo in case you're interested. The sample packs are about an oz worth of glitter but TRUST ME, that's ALOT of glitter. A little goes a super long way, so before considering to get the 3oz jars, I definitely recommend you order sample packs. I got jars for three colors only because I knew I would use them the most.

Yes, it's called carmine "RED" but it's actually pretty PINK looking I think. Then again, I am colorblind to red lol

Perfect for ICY effect make-up or nail polish!

I bought these little jars so I can put the samples in them. PERFECT size! And yes, you can also order these from CoastalScents.com!

I'll do a swatch review of them later. :)



  1. Ooooh I like the Carmine Red because it's pink, and the holographic one! What are these supposed to be used for?

  2. I think they can be used for make-up or nail polish or making your own body spray :) They're all loose powders that are really pigmented so they're good for a glittery eye shadow look! Ooh I think you should totally do a look with these since I'm sure you have some glitzy sneaks lying around!

  3. Oh man, I wonder how much I would need for a bottle of polish? I've always wanted to concoct my own :D


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