ROUND 1 + Rilakkuma galore! + Sonics + Japanese beauty products

Had a random trip to Round 1 today and my eyes always start sparkling at the little crane game toys because they are so BLASTEDLY DIGUSTINGLY CUTE. Also, every picture taken here is with my 5.1mp Galaxy S phone. For a 5mp camera it's pretty damn awesome quality. Don't hate.

There were so many Rilakkuma dolls!! They're so cute but I dare not touch these rigged crane games lol. Look at the one on the left he's like, "bitch get me out of here...."

So the concept of Round 1 is that you use cards to put credits in and you can buy hourly cards for like $10! It's pretty sweet. 

They have Purikura here!

They use these bright ass 'white' lights called "beauty light". All I know is that I need those things in my room. STAT.

This one is my favorite. I WANT YOU!!!

All these Rilakkuma dolls remind me of Monica of CUTEROCKMONI. She's always posting Rilakkuma things! I didn't even know what it was until I read her blog LOL :P 

Anthony playing Initial D, because that's all he ever plays at Arcades. lol

Patrick playing some new, funky looking whack-a-mole kind of game. 

ONE OF THESE DO NOT BELONG......Can you spot it?

Afterwards we went to Sonics and got nom nomz. Patrick's awesome burger.

My delicious Popcorn chicken. OM NOM NOM NOM + INFINITY

Oh and also I went to Little Tokyo the other day and discovered this new store that sells a shit-ton of Japanese beauty products! 

So I got myself some of these Dolly Wink lashes cuz they
looked a little more natural than my other pair. I love them!
The only thing is that these lashes are super looong so you'll
have to work with your eyeliner a bit. I wanted lashes that I
I could wear without too much makeup, the au-naturale thing,
but yeah, these aren't the lashes for that kind of look. lol

Oh yeah and yesterday I went to Disneyland with my friend Anthony and Patrick. Didn't take that many pictures of myself because, 1. I am the only one who knows how to use my camera right lol and 2. I like taking pictures of misc things more than my face. I know right? Totally not full of myself. That or I'm just ugly 80% of the time. And by "ugly" I really mean, i don't wear much makeup and my eyes look like shit. Hence, the big ass sunnies. Aren't they great? THEY'RE FREAKING HUGE. Love em cuz my eyes are so small. It makes up for them.

I'll probably post the Disnu pics in a little bit.



  1. Looks like fun times!


  2. omgah EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE! can i have it all <3
    EEEE i LOVE initial D!!!! so much fun evo ftw puahaha!
    ooh i see my favorite jap cleansing oil (: i wonder if it's runnin cheaper there. u get the chance to check out kicks btw? i need to treat myself to a pair after finals are over!
    haha i'm like that too. i really don't like taking pictures of myself because i'm really awkward in front of the camera. i like being behind the camera.. not in front of it :P i'm trying to get over it though (just for blogging purposes haha)

  3. T - very fun times! :D

    Eileen - I have not been able to check out the place :/ I need money first or else im going to be sad i cant buy a single shoe lol and yeah, i totally am not good in front of the camera. some people are just so photogenic i dont know how they do it haha i think having a camera has made it worse cuz now i have an excuse to hide behind the camera :P


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