So I decided to put my new make up to use and recreate a look that mimics one of my Kpop idols of the moment, PARK BOM!!

From 2NE1. And in case you have no idea who that is, here are some reference photos.

Bom has pretty deep set eyes because she has double eyelids. Although, I can't say I'm too savvy with it either. I don't think they look very natural but I really like Bom for many other reasons besides of her beauty. She has a fun personality and the girl can SAAAAANG! Love this woman. Anyway, I couldn't pull off double eyelid and I do have eyelid tape but that shit NEVER works on me. I guess my monolids are so fatty they refuse to create a crease or something. D:< grrr.

Anyway, keep in mind that the look is heavily influenced by her eye make-up. I'm not saying I look like her in any way but I tried to create the look based off her dramatic eye makeup. So please don't bash me and say I look nothing like her. I know. -___-;


  1. I LURRRRVE BOM! she's pretty! but i agree with you, though. her eyes look very unnatural at times and makes her face look plastic-y. whatever, she can sing.
    and i love how you did you makeup! you need to make a tutorial on it -x- or at least tell me which pencil you used! looks so great!

  2. thanks moni! I actually tried the Cosmagic eyeliner. It's soo cool! I'll review it for sure! Ill try to make a tutorial but I'm actually pretty bad at make up lol First time for everything though right? xP

  3. You look so cute! I wish I looked that good lining my entire eye.. my eyes look soo small when I do the waterline.
    Even though you guys don't look exactly the same, I can definitely see the resemblance. Nice job!

  4. Anonymous2.7.12

    She does'nt have double eyelid.. -_- make sure your facts are right. YG Entertainment does'nt allow anyone working for them having plastic surgerys.

    1. LOL at stupid anonymous comment. I NEVER SAID SHE HAD PLASTIC SURGERY. But in that rwgards, it's very obvious she had plastic surgery. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-4qZopeD1fVk/TkfZoT9QFoI/AAAAAAAAAPU/yMJVV_Bzw-A/s1600/24286_2010032921030160.jpg Look at her before and after. And she doesn't use tape.
      I also have a friend who works for YG and there is no word of you can't have surgery....they just don't MAKE you have surgery like the other companies do. She had her eyelid changed way before she became 2NE1.

      So get YOUR facts straight kthx ;)


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