Cosmagic Review + Makeup for Bom look

Right off the bat, I thought this eyeliner seemed really interesting. It has a unique
triangular tip rather than a thin rounded tip or a flat brush tip. Perfect for my eyes
because I have very small, monolid eyes that can be difficult to draw on sometimes.
And inside is a cute little instructions manual. 

So there's two sides. One side is the liner and the other side is the blender. As you can see, it's a bit triangular at
the tip.

This is ONE stroke. It's a bit light honestly, it doesn't go on really BLACk or anything but if you apply it a few times
it gets pretty black, as you can see in my Bom look photos. I only used this eyeliner to line my eyes. 

This is the blender. It's also angled in a peculiar shape which helps create dynamic effects when smudging the liner for
smokey eye look or dramatic eye effect. It's not like a sponge or felt -tip like most smudging sticks are. This one is rather
'hard'. I think it's much better because the smudging doesn't get very messy!

My rating? I give it a 9/10! It's really easy to use and the unique tip makes the application very smooth and clean especially for those with monolids! It's a very smart design for eye lining because you can create the thickness of your
lines as you desire. The smudge tool is super smooth and effective in creating smokey or dramatic looks. 

This is the mascara that I used for my own lashes and the fake lashes.

The next few products are intended to show you what products I used for the Bom look. They are not reviewed! (yet! Feel free to ask if you'd like!) 

See how the wand is curved? It helps make the mascara easier to apply, especially if you have short lashes like mine!

Revlon lipstick. Sorry, I don't remember what it's called exactly but you can base it of the look of the packaging. :)
I got this from Target. Color: Candy Pink

These fake lashes were the cheaper ones I got at the Japanese market. You can also find a similar design at Sephora!
A bit more pricey though but these lashes are really quite nice :) 

I use Coastal Scents 88 color palette for eye shadow! *Oh no! One of the colors is missing! >__<*

I like to mix the brown with the golden brown and the bronze colors together. Makes a nice, not so harsh color effect. :)

And that's really all I used for the look! Oh, well except..........
For foundation I used BARE MINERALS
Colored contact lenses were bought at a local accessories shop. 
And yes, I purposely wore them two different colors. I have always worn them like that, I think because I loved Yuna from Final Fantasy X lol. Most people think it looks really weird though but I think it looks cool! :D  To each her own. 
The wig (yes it's a wig!) I got from YESSTYLE (<----link to product) 
It looks EXACTLY like the photos. In some light, it can look a bit fake but especially without flash, it looks pretty nice. The material is really soft, almost like real hair but it's not. I believe it can be used with 

heated appliances! I'll have to test it out since all the instructions are in Chinese.

I would say, M.H.S. makes nice wigs. They are a Taiwan based brand. It doesn't feel super cheap BUT
it's also NOT CHEAP. It's $70......so it's definitely not very cheap. But if you're looking for a wig you think you will wear around and not just once for a cheap costume party, I guess I'd recommend it. And considering the amount of hair (synthetic) fibers are on the wig, I guess 70 is somewhat reasonable. But plus S&H it's kind of not worth it. But I guess you can be the judge of that. :)

If you'd like a review on any of the mentioned products, let me know! I'm new at this beauty stuff......so forgive me if my photos are not the greatest or my tutorials and reviews suck =P Practice baby!



  1. I noticed your contacts in your previous post too, it looks awesome! I love the color of that lipstick btw. Did you have to layer it on a lot to get it to show up?

    Btw I tagged you w/the Kreativ Blogger award =)

  2. Thanks for the blogger award again! Pretty cool =)
    And yeah I did have to layer it a couple times but if your lips are generally kinda dark like mine, one stroke shows up pretty pink. But it is still pretty opaque.


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