OMG.....I'm actually doing a haul. LAWL.

I'm going to put in my two cents on make up and how I see it. If you don't care about the blabber though, feel free to skip this humongous amount of text and go straight down to pictures. Does no one like reading anymore?! D: No really, I wouldn't blame you. 

So just to give myself a little back story for all of you who might stumble upon this blog, I don't normally wear a lot of makeup. However, recently, I've been following a lot of gyaru and beauty guru blogs. I'm not sure why. I guess because secretly I want to dress up and look cute for the camera too. But in reality, I'm old and lazy. Okay, that's a lame excuse........no but really, I think it was just that I never have the money to buy all this make up and stuff to look fancy....so I never really tried to post any content of any sort like that until I bought some cool makeup or whatever. That and I'm a huge tomboy and I just like being au naturale most of the time lol.

I actually used to wear a lot more makeup, hence I have a whole kaboodle full of makeup that hasn't been used in forever. But I realized that the more makeup you wear and the more often you wear it, the more it wears your skin out. Pretty fair right? But then you see some beauty blogs and wonder how these girls still have such fabulous skin?? Well it's no secret. In order to keep the skin from failing from all the unnatural makeup we put on our face, we must nourish it with products that will help heal.

I for one, am not a fan of that. I don't really like the idea of my skin becoming dependent on products to make sure my face doesn't look like shit. So for the past year or so that I haven't been wearing much makeup, my skin looks AWESOME. I mean, I don't have the best skin ever but most people ask me what kind of foundation I use because it looks pretty damn natural and I tell them, "I'm not wearing any....>;D" and let the jealousy commence. No, but it's really not that great but it's not as bad as a lot of girls who wear make up every day. And I know, because I used to be that girl. I don't know about everyone else, but I honestly do not want to invest that much money just to put MORE chemicals on my face. SOO DA NE?

Solution? Wear primer and mineral make up. I use bare minerals as my primary foundation and it is really nice for my skin. It's very light but has a lot of coverage. Not everyone is going to like mineral make up because not everyone's skin is going to go well with mineral make up. If you have super dry, kinda bumpy skin, mineral make up will only make your flaws more apparent. But if you have smooth, soft, and moist skin, mineral make up is like magic. Of course, if you don't have soft skin, all you need is a little lotion on your face before you put it on, or in my case, I use mineral make up primer. And I don't want to rant on too much about this unless someone actually wants to know what products I use on my skin, etc. But you get the point. I use mineral make up as concealer too. Again, if you want to know, just ask! :) After all, the most important feature on women is their EYES. It's true. Eye make up is what draws people to look at your face, not your foundation. Well, unless you wear a shitload of foundation and cake it on, THEN it will draw people to your face, but not in the good way. Anyway, more on this later.

I'm going to shut up now and go on to the part that people actually care about. HAUL! I felt like I had to keep writing on and on because this is the first time I'm doing a beauty post. I like to explain things okay!

PALTY hair dye. I'm sick of my fugly brown/black hair that faded ugly. So I'm attempting to bleach it and try the jewelry ash color! I used it a long time ago and it turned out ashy blonde. I loved it! But it was kind of an accident. -__-

This is a hair treatment formulated for the last 15cm of your hair! I hear people have pretty good experience with it so I'm trusting their reviews. :3 It was pretty expensive though for such a small bottle. *__*

Tsubaki is my favorite foreign shampoo! It makes my hair hella shiny and soft. My hair is pretty damn damaged so it's a little piece of salon miracle whenever I use this shampoo. Too bad it's FCKIN expensive as all hell. So I got the small bottle. :) I'm on a quest to treat my hair so it doesn't look like a wig and shit.
I thought this was interesting cuz it came in a pack of 3. Hmm....Wasn't as expensive as some of the other liners so I thought I'd try it out since i haven't seen any bloggers yet to have reviewed this. Review will come soon!
I believe I first heard about this on Ekiblog.com She has such great reviews of Japanese products! Seemed like just what I was looking for. It's supposed to be super black and go on like a tattoo. Interesting. 
I'm sucha sucker for Japanese packaging T__T Anyway, I thought this mascara was interesting. The thing I like about Asian beauty products as opposed to the department store brands, is that the Asian ones are formulated to cater to ASIAN EYES. Even if you bought a really expensive product from YSL or something, sometimes it's not even all that because the wands are huge and Asian people don't have as deep set of eyes as White people or our lashes are much shorter. So I really thought this was interesting because the wand is supposed to be thin and curved. Review will come later. 
Yes, I succumbed to Tsubasa's collection of Dolly Wink lashes! They are pretty expensive so I don't recommend it for people on beauty budgets but since I figure I won't be make up shopping in another.....forever years, I wanted to try these  out. The design is very interesting because the lashes are thicker in the middle and outer area of your eye, which makes it more natural looking. We'll see if these live up to the hype in my eyes. :P I'm totally unbias about this kinda thing. 
Bought a bunch of cheap lashes for Fanime lol Wanted to dress up even though I don't have a costume or anything. These were like $2 each but they don't seem that bad. 
New nail polish! Will have to try these out later.
 Okay so quick side story, I got this watch at Popkiller in Little Tokyo, because Ichi, the worker there is awesome and because I thought this watch was really badass looking. I know it looks like an imitation G-Shock or Baby-G but whatever. It was like $15 as opposed to my $50+ Baby-G that is freaking tiny! And really I just like watches as a fashion accessory. But then while I was trying to take the watch off, THIS HAPPENED................
I didn't even pull on it that hard but it's one of those moments where you don't mean to pull but the latch didn't seem to budge so I tried to pull it UP off my arm and the metal piece holding the band together just flew somewhere. O___________O ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!! So super pissed. I looked for it for 20 minutes. It's so damn small it's like impossible to find it.......but I suppose I can find an alternative or super glue it together but FUCKk. I just BOUGHT it. I guess the saying is true. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR. T____T FML.

Anyway, that is all for my haul. I will review some products here, especially the ones that I don't see mentioned much on these blogs, but the products like Dolly Wink lashes, I'm sure even remotely interested in gyaru fashion, you've read reviews on top of reviews about it already. But if interested, shoot me a comment!

Also, my bad for the terrible product photos. I have TERRIBLE lighting in my bedroom. Like, the only natural light I have is the sky outside my window and the sun shines away form my window so all I really have is an overcast lighting. I know probably nobody really cares about that shit, but being that I really love photography, I'm pretty anal about it.

Feel free to ask questions! :)



  1. Jap stuff is always so cute, and I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging. Can't wait for your reviews! I wanna see if their products actually deliver (:
    My friend uses Tsubaki too, she said it was crazy amazing. I really gotta get me somee ASAP

  2. I am such a suckerrr for japanese packaging its ridiculous! like i know how half the stuff i buy is probably way cheaper and better in american products but sometimes they are pretty good for asian people i guess. haha but yeah i have a bad habit of buying stuff for their packaging :X

    I tried on the Tsubasa ones but they were a bit difficult for me to stick on my eye. :/ and theyre like $17! ridiculous no? I got them at Marukai in Little Tokyo if youre interested :)

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