My watch came today! :} (see couple posts down)
 It came in a nice, tin packaging like this. I was super excited to open it up.....


Looks hella nice right? So what's the problem, you ask?

Well, there isn't really a "problem" with the watch, but it is MUCH smaller than I had expected it to be. My old baby G's were pretty big but I thought that was part of the appeal, it was much easier to see all the details and such. I guess they make them much smaller now.

Here are some badly photoshopped "style" shots of me actually wearing the watch, via Photobooth. 

Still looks nice right? It's actually much smaller in person. My wrists are a bit close to the camera, because I forgot that the point of the photo was to show the actual size. *fail*

Anyway, I do love the watch for it's colors and functions (it's shock proof and water resistant!) But the material is very light and looks flimsy. It almost looks like the band is made of plastic. But apparently it's a very nice kind of flexible material, kinda like vinyl, that is supposed to be enduring and last under strenuous conditions. 

I sure hope so! I paid $50 + shipping for this!

Overall I'd give the watch a 7/10. 
Only because I expected a bit much of the watch since the picture made it look really expensive looking, but it's still a pretty cool watch. Would I recommend it for $50? No. But then again, it is a Baby-G. 


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  1. Arright so I know I said I liked the other one, but the one you got is real sick!


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