Fetch, are the PLASTICS.

*cough cough cough*

Man I am DYING. Like, really.....I am throwing up everything I eat. I can't even maintain to eat crackers without feeling like shit. FFFFFFUUUUU. I hate being sick.


Anyway, I got bored so I decided to check out some blogs and whatnot, because you know, I love reading into other people's lives because sometimes mine is not sufficient enough for me. And I came across this girl's blog, that I've heard about a few times before---XIAXUE.

OK so I did a screenshot of her blog to show you her picture, because I didn't want to get sued for actually posting one of her pictures lol. But just to give you an idea, she is a petite, platinum blonde Singaporean woman living in--Singapore. She's actually considered a "celebrity blogger" in Singapore so she's pretty popular.

In any case, this woman is full of pictures of herself with her blondeness and all, her makeup, and her every day life with her husband and such. She's chalk full of pictures of herself,  sometimes mean remarks about other people, she has a sassy mouth in general, and she's just not afraid whatsoever to speak her mind. So naturally, she has many fans and haters alike, and here's what I really think of her:

If you've ever seen the movie MEAN GIRLS, with Lindsay Lohan, this girl seriously reminds me of an Asian version of Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams). I think she is super fabulous looking. LOL I can't really explain easily. I don't want to say she's "pretty" because of the sheer fact that I think she is not 'natural'.....and I really only say the word "pretty" to describe a girl I think is like naturally pretty. For example, I believe, through my eyes, in my opinon, Hayden Panettiere is a very pretty girl. But someone like Kate Beckingsale to me is not "pretty", she is rather "attractive" or "HOT". Does that make sense? It better make sense......

But anyway, so this girl XIAXUE who's real name is "Wendy" is pretty interesting I think. As I said, she's pretty glam and reminds me of a rich Hollywood blonde girl. As funny as this may sound, I may not be a very vein person, but I totally dig this kinda thing. I'm a total closet girly girl, so as "superficial" as her blog may sound to most people, I think it's freaking fabulo. Call me a freak. I don't care.

Anyway, my REAL main point of writing this about her is to bring up the topic of

When I'm looking at Xiaxue's pictures, she looks so damn perfecto. I mean, she openly ADMITS she photoshops the shit out of her pictures, but even still, it's not like she looks absolutely like someone else. She just photoshops her imperfections. Even still, it makes me self conscious about my own looks for a minute (no idea why.....since I never give a shit 50% of the time lol). She openly admitted also to having plastic surgery on her face; like her eyes, her nose, and lips or something. And I know people will find that really 'fake' or whatever about her, but I don't think that shit really matters because she still looks good and she's happy with herself. But going back to the topic about myself, here I am thinking, 'holy shit, compared to her my nose is HUGE. My eyes are so small! And.......yeah....." etc etc. But we all get self conscious about our looks once in a while. Afterall, no one is perfect. Except for maybe Olivia Wilde *drool* but at the same time, I think people need to respect themselves and not be so blindsided by vain ambitions.

I for one, would NEVER EVER get plastic surgery. Sure, having double eyelid surgery is really common in Asians and makes makeup and the eyes look that much nicer and bigger, but I like my eyes. Yeah, I said it. I like my small, slit-like, chinky chink chink, tiny ass, barely opened-looking, God given eyes. Why? Because even though I think that double eyelid does look nicer on Asians, it's like, everyone has double eyelid now. I rarely see Asian chicks with monolids and I think........WHY THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER SO MUCH? 

I'm saying, I'm not willing to change my face because I think my photos will look better. That's what PHOTOSHOP is for. And that is why I don't think there's anything wrong with Xiaxue photoshopping her face. She gets so much shit for it but it's like, so what? If it makes her satisfied with her look, let her. Have I photoshopped my pictures? Absolutely. And if you're thinking, 'why would you do that when people know what you look like in REAL life?' and my response to that would be, "WHY NOT?" That's the whole point you know? Because people DO know what you look like in real life. So why does it matter if you photoshop yourself if it means that you like the way YOU look? It's not like I'm asking anyone to say I'm pretty. I just look at the photo and think it looks nice. There's no harm in that. Some people may call that "deceiving" and that may be true, but give me a break. You know what's deceiving? Movies are deceiving. You've got single women left and right in this world because they can't seem to get over the fact that movie romance is NOT REAL. Self satisfaction is deceiving at a small cost so I never get what the big deal is.

Going back on topic, no, I would not get surgery even if I were paid to. I'm stuck with the way I look and that's too bad. I for one will be very honest though, I hate my nose. I've always hated my nose, ever since my brother would pinch the crap out of it when I was a little kid and turn it bright red and smushy looking, but I have this nose and I can't do anything about it. I have a really small mouth. And when I say "small" I mean like, I show only like, 5 teeth on the top row of my teeth when I smile and that's because I can't really smile that big because otherwise my lips feel like they're going to rip apart. (True story) but again, I am stuck with my face. Do I think I'm pretty? Not really. Do I think I look good when I wear makeup? Yes, sometimes. Do I hate my face? No. Do I envy pretty girls when they have a perfect nose, lips, and eyes? Yes. And really, my answers are generic because I'm sure many other girls will have the same responses. But then you have to ask yourself this: If you could change your face, not worrying about costs or pain or anything, would you? Like literally, if a magical genie came down and granted you a wish to change your face, would you do it? If you say "yes" that means you are truly unhappy with the way you look. If you hesitate.....and think "maybe", then it means you just want to be truly beautiful looking in your own eyes and be the one envied for once. If you think "no way Jose", then you are probably happy with the way you look and/or you know damn well there is no magical genie that could do that for you, unless you were delirious on LSD, and that unless you have alot of money, a good plastic surgeon, and have the time to recover from the procedure, there's no chance you're ever going to get plastic surgery done on you anyway.

.............am I right?

But does that make the wannabe 'plastic' any worse or better than the girl who wants to be stuck with her average face? See, most people will say "Plastic people aren't real so they arent 'really' pretty." but then what if you didn't know the person had plastic surgery? What if you thought they were naturally just born that way? *cough Scarlett Johansen.....cough*  *cough Song Hye-Gyo.....cough* then the argument wouldn't even exist.

Point is, I see nothing wrong with being plastic, if that means the person who got it, feels like they are acceptable to themselves. Some people go buck wild with PS and continue to get surgery because they are addicted to it. *cough, Heidi Montag, cough.* And those are people with extreme self issues, but to the Asian chick who got a white girl nose job or double eyelid, I see nothing so bad about that. I don't get why people rip on them so much. At the same time, I don't get why a girl has to be so vain that she feels like changing her face will make her happier? But you know, to each his/her own.

Beauty is one of those things that is so easy to debate on because everyone has different views of it. Beauty, like art, like politics, like opinions, is subjective. One man's most beautiful woman in the world, is another man's view of the world's ugliest human being with breasts. So why even bother to criticize?

People who talk to me, hang with me, know that I rarely ever talk about other people's looks. Trust me, I hang out with girls all the time and they always feel the need to say, "Look at that girl over there. She is sooooo pretty!" or, "damn that girl would be really cute if she wasn't so fat." Things like that, and I'm just like, "Haha right?" but in reality, in my head I'm thinking, 'And why the fuck do you notice other girls appearances so much? Focus on your own girl.' I mean, f'real, because I think women are beautiful no doubt, and yes, there are some that just.......need to check themselves before they go outside, is the nicest way I can put it, but still, I never feel the need to mention other people's physical appearances. Like, NEVER. Because I simply do not care for what other people look like. All around me, there are such pretty girls with slammin bodies and flawless faces, and there are also some that aren't so flawless......or have a slammin body.......point is, I just do not care. I only care what I look like and well, that's kind of an understatement because I REALLY do not care most of the time what I look like as long as I don't smell bad in public, my hair isn't greasy, my face isn't all pimply and gross, and I don't dress like I'm homeless. Well I lied about the last part, I do dress like I'm homeless sometimes....BUT at the least, I have good hygiene and my hair is fab. OK, the point is..........why focus so much energy on the physical appearance of other people, when all you really need to focus on is being happy with how yourself looks. Yes, I want to be skinny. Yes, I want to have bigger eyes. But WANT is really way of saying, "it could be this way, but it's not this way, so it's really just a blank thought." in other words, even though I want to look different, doesn't mean I'm GOING to look different. And that's just the way it is.

So to the people who keep saying that I'M NOT CONFIDENT, you're wrong. I am pretty damn confident, in my physical appearance anyway. The only reason I don't dress super girly is because......(and check this out, you're going to flip your mind......)


Jesus, I mean, really? What part of that do people NOT GET? I dont wear sweats and tshirts because I'm so afraid of my skin because I'm not a Size 0. I like sweats and tshirts because they are DAMN COMFY. lollll which leads me to the true inspiration of this post in the first place. (Minus the Xiaxue PS thing, which was really just a fuel to add on to my topic)

A lot of my friends, I notice......always tell me things like, "You look SOOO cute with makeup on and dolled up!" or things like, "You are not that fat! You should dress girlier because it SHOWS your curves instead of hiding them!" as attempts to make me feel more confident in showing my body.......And I'm just like........




That is all. :)


TL;DR version
I would never get plastic surgery even if I could because I am surprisingly pretty happy with the way I look. I don't think trying to be prettier will actually get you anywhere because there will always be someone prettier than you. And to me, even the prettiest, hottest girls aren't all that, because nobody is perfect. I do not wish to look like a celebrity because there is no point. I will never look like her and neither will anyone else. The only real way to be confident in your own looks is if you STOP GIVING A SHIT for a minute about how other girls look and just focus on your own God dang face.
There is no perfect looking woman, ladies. :)

Unless they are characters from Final Fantasy. But fortunately, they are not real.

God bless!



  1. Words can't express how much I love this post. I feel ya girl. and I've never heard of that girl, but looking at her blog disgusted me. her youtube videos literally talk about her surgery and I hate how she advertises it like that. GAH. I hate those type of girls :( with a passion. There's a lot here in Japan, too :(

  2. Oh yeah, at first I'm like....wow there are women like that?? but then i think its probably so normal to have women like that in Japan. My friends always tell me about her adventures in Tokyo, how Japanese girls are so very conscious of how they dress. Like here in America, you can go to a late night restaurant with your friends in your pajamas! And thats like, A-ok lol in Japan, even late at night, nobody dresses like a hobo or else people think you are a very rough, good for nothing or deadbeat kind of person. I think I would fail so hard if I lived in Japan. haha

  3. I hate my nose too. Grew up having my relatives tellin me that I'd be pretty if I hadn't inherited my mom's nose. It was just like, uhhh thanks... not my fault I was made this way haha. I don't think I'd be the person I am today if I didn't grow up with insecurities though.. so s`allll good.

    Great post though. You're really hittin it on point with a lot of the topics you mentioned.

  4. Anonymous25.2.13

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