Renew The Spring

Spring is probably my favorite season. The weather is nice. Sometimes it's a bit colder than I'd like it to be at night in California, but for the most part, the weather is awesome. Sometimes we get those April showers like we did a few days ago. It was actually raining like crazy! I actually really enjoy the rain as long as I'm INDOORS. I catch colds way too easily so I'm not one for jumping in puddles or whatnot. But the rain reminds me of Seattle and call me a weirdo but I actually like gloomy, rainy, drab weather. It's calming.

Grabbed three new CG polishes. (L-->R) Spontaneous, Lighthouse, & Naked.

I'm a whore for pink polish. -___-; and sparkles.

The sunlight hitting the grass creates this warm, almost neon like yellow-green color. It reminds me to keep sporting BRIGHT colors and to stay away from black as much as possible. (I'm a black/grey/white fiend! Trying to sport more upbeat colors while Spring is still lurking.)

And an obligatory cat photo because ya know.....I'm a cat mom.
This is Jax's favorite position. I believe they call it "cat loafing". I think it's pretty funny looking because it makes him look like he has no limbs. LOL.


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  1. those china glazes are so pretty! i love how those colors look together :D good to see you doing photog again!


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