Evil Queen / Edgy / Dark look

OMFG. It's 5am. I don't know what's wrong with me but I felt compelled to do this look. Mainly because I REALLLY wanted to try my new lipstick out.

Sorry for the lighting. It's night time so the lighting is just TERRIBAD everywhere. I had to improvise.

I tried to do a 'tutorial' but it turns out I'm terrible at make-up and should never tell anyone how to do make-up. LOL. It's true okay! I can only do like--one look. =___=

PS, this is my REAL hair that you're seeing. I told you (last post) IT TURNED BLUE. It was not intentional. I guess the blonde from before was really porous and any bit of color would take on to it. So when I dyed my hair BLUE BLACK I didn't think the blue would really seep into my hair THIS much. But it's actually fading (as you will see in the tips) so I'm going to let it rest for about a month and then redye it black. Hopefully it will actually be black this time.
BTW, so I was going to do this look with my circle lens that I bought from EyeCandyLens a while back. But the minute the lens touched my eyeball, my eye was burning with the fury of Zeus almighty! WTF. I seriously thought my eye was going to burn off and I would go blind. Or at least half blind. >__< ; WHAT THE SHIT?! I'm new to circle lens but can anyone tell me what the hell that was all about? I just put the lens in solution. Am I supposed to use specific solution or something? Because I wear soft contact lenses so I figured I can soak the circle lenses in the same solution. But OMG. Seriously scariest moment ever. It stung like super bad. I was afraid of infection so I literally dunked my face into cold water with my eye open and after a few minutes the pain subsided. GEEZUS. Okay excuse my french but FUCK CIRCLE LENSES. I am no longer down with that shit. I will stick with my black, soul-less boring ass eye color thanks. *shudder*

Sorry I took these photos with my Macbook and my cell-cam. So the colors aren't really correct :/
The eye shadow is not actually black. It's a gradient of purple and green. Sorry I fail.

I was trying to be artistic. don't judge me.

And this one because I love you guys

Then I started playing with my mini ring light and I was intrigued by the green light that reflected off my camera! So i started playing around with it for a good 15mins or so. LOL. Pretty cool I think. :B

I'm so cool.

Here's me before all the make-up. Do they usually do this BEFORE or after? I forget. 

And a photo of my cool phone case. :B YEEEEEEE





  1. LMAO oh lo, you're so effin hilarious hahha (: i swear, the way you narrate things paints such a vivid picture in my already overactive imagination :P but anyyyway, i really like the look you came up with! your dark hair really complements it and makes it even more dramatic :D dude that circle lens thing sounds super sketch though O___O i think they're really pretty, but im too paranoid of losing my sight that i keep away from em haha

  2. omg i love it!!! you look like minji in this i swear!


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