Shibuya street fashion

Just some pictures of real street fashion in Shibuya, Japan! These pictures are NOT mine. You can find them all on FLICKR.

I love the blue plaid skirt here! Compliments her blonde hair really well. 

Seoul - The leggings remind me of something 2NE1 would wear keke 

Regarding street fashion, my favorite brand is probably CocoLuLu. It's
definitely my kind of style, this urban kinda look. Loving the shoes and belt here.

Girlfriend on the right has some nice ass legs lol. But I'm really digging the accents on
the girls on the left's outfit. I looove gold chains and stars! Loving her outfit.

The colorful styles of CoLu again

I love how laid back her outfit looks. 

Want that Mickey shirt!
Love her top! Purple goes so well with black and stripes are even better :)
Sweet looking girl! I like the bubbly look of her style. The candy necklace, the polka dot bracelet and star earrings
all compliment her sweet look so nicely!
Cute and messy hairstyle

Looove that jacket! Again with the chains.


  1. man the style in japan is just so cool. sometimes i feel too over the top matching w/my kicks, but from the looks of it, it seems like i would fit right in japan! i'd probably be even underdressed! haha. i want the girl's leggings in the second pic!

  2. OMG you would totally fit right in! lol I think Shibuya street fashion has alot of influence from urban street fashion in America and England :)


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