Hadanomy Collegen mist

Went to LT today and saw this super cute bottle of Hadanomy mist!! I was actually looking for a facial mist since I haven't been wearing any foundation (I actually ran out loll). My skin tends to freak out though and get super dry during the day, even though at night it's oily as hell. =___= Curse you skin.

I read about this product from a few blogs so I wanted to try it out.
I think it's perfect that they made this super cute smaller bottle because I wanted to try it out instead of paying $12 for a product I'd never use. Plus it's limited edition and super cute! I'll let you know if it actually does anything. I'm very BIG against gimmicky beauty products, especially the ones from foreign countries like Japan or Korea. I know a lot of gyaru bloggers tend to rave about japanese products but honestly, I know a lot of them tend to be bullshit. Just because it's from JAPAN does not mean it's actually better than an American product. But I'm sure for Asian skin, a lot of Japanese and Korean products DO work. That's because over there, they research skin care on Asians exclusively whereas America does skin care research based off a statistic of 'average' people, which includes any kind of race. So hopefully this DOES something.

My DSLR lens is still acting up :(( so I took these on my cellcam.


  1. this is so cuteeeee! what's it supposed to do? it kinda looks like goop in the second picture lol :D

  2. hope it works! if it does, TELL ME!
    and i know what you mean. i feel like american products torture my skin. my skin is like WTF MAN YOU GOT THE WRONG PERSON

  3. Eileen - It's supposed to be a face mist. So you can use it after you wash your face to keep your face bouncy and retain moisture. It's supposed to have "collagen" like effects on your skin to promote elasticity in the skin.

    Monica - So far I've been using it on my skin before I wear make-up and after I wash my face. It makes my face feel no different to be honest. But then I started spraying it whenever I'm out and I feel like my make-up is feeling 'sticky' or melting after a long day and it actually works better! Kinda makes the make-up feel 'fresh'.

    This one is the smaller bottle and was only like $6 in USD so it's not really cheap but I think it's kinda cheap enough to try it out for your skin :)


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