UPDATE! Wig reviews + Upcoming posts

Okay, I finally ordered a RED WIG!!
I've actually been talking about it for months and months, that I'd buy a red wig to do an updated Park Bom look, but I just  didn't have the money or time to really think about where to get it from. In the past I've bought wigs from wig shops, Yesstyle.com and EpicCosplay.com.

And I bought a red wig on Ebay! It's my first time purchasing a wig from ebay, so I was a bit skeptical at first, but I think judging from the feedback of the seller, I feel like it should be a good purchase. I was looking around many places, including sites I've already ordered from, but I just couldn't find the right looking wig for Park Bom. But I'd say that the wig looks pretty damn similar to her hairstyle and color.

So even though I don't really have a lot of experience buying wigs online, I figured for anyone who is interested in buying wigs for whatever reason, I can provide some reviews on the few places I've had my wig experiences with. :)

I'm sure a lot of people are actually familiar with Yesstyle, especially if they're Asian lol. They have a good variety of Asian fashion clothing sold by independent sellers and companies. I'd like to think of Yesstyle as being similar to URBAN OUTFITTERS here in the U.S. They don't sell their own brand of clothing, but they collaborate with third party companies to bring a nice blend of styles to choose from.
Anyway, on to the wigs.

Last year, I bought a wig from Yesstyle that looks like THIS
I paid $70 for it -__- and it took about 2 weeks to arrive. I know $70 is pretty expensive for a wig, but I think the quality was pretty good. I used the wig for a previous Park Bom look!
With Flash
You can read the full post HERE.

Without Flash

Honestly, you have to always be a little weary of Yesstyle. Because almost every product has a really cute model with multiple pictures of how cute the item will potentially look on you. But more often than not (and I say this because I've shopped from this website frequently in the past...) usually you are getting a far lesser quality item than you will think you will get from the pictures. But I think that's kind of obvious. Which is why I stopped buying from Yesstyle.

For $70, I thought the wig would be really high quality. It's made of high quality, heat resistance fiber, but I feel like the quality was still mid grade tier. I only say this because I've bought cheaper wigs from EpicCosplay and I think the quality is about the same. Maybe if this wig was about $50, it would be more acceptable, but honestly, it was too pricey. Most of the wigs on Yesstyle are over $60 so if you're considering from there because you see some really cute looking wigs (which they do!) just be weary of how good the quality is. I'm not saying that this wig quality was BAD, but I think for how much it was, you could get a better wig. Consider the fact that REMY hair wigs (aka, human hair) cost around $100-200 for pieces and up to $800+ for a full, long wig, $100 for a full head SYNTHETIC wig should be pretty good quality. But Yesstyle has really cute wigs because they cater to Asian styles and fashion. So if you really want one from there, I think you should do your research first. Check ebay top sellers who have similar style wigs. You'd be surprised. Some ebay sellers even carry the same wigs as Yesstyle (M.H.S. and Clairbeauty) so I'd check there first. Top sellers are top sellers for a reason and you are less likely to get a really shitty item if all the reviews are good.

Rating: 7.0 

- Cute Japanese and Korean style wigs
- Trendy, fashionable colors great for gyaru styles
- Good quality, heat resistant
- Hard to find style in most wig stores or websites

- Over priced
- Takes a while to ship to the U.S. (ships from Hong Kong)
- Return policy is a bitch

My second wigs came from EpicCosplay

Okay, excuse me because I'm lazy and don't feel like taking new pictures for the purpose of this review, so I'm using the old shitty pictures I took on my Macbook's photobooth. LOL but you get the point....

I bought 3 wigs from EpicCosplay! Originally I bought 2, the two pink ones above to the left. The first one looks like THIS

I actually bought this for the purpose of wearing it to an Anime convention. It was supposed to be like the style of Serah Ferron, who is a really cute character from Final Fantasy 13. ---->

I wanted to get a regular dark pink wig for the purpose of doing a DIY cosplay wig. As you can see in the link of the original wig, it's really quite curly. So I cut the wig to fit Serah's shape and straightened out the front parts.

 The second one was also the same color pink wig, but I bought a shorter one and styled it differently. This one was supposed to be Lightning's hair style (same game, FF13) but I fucked it up and ended up just cutting it really short and trying to make it look J-Rocker ish? lol. I like it. Even though I regret cutting it so short because the original wig was like, really long. -___- Kinda wasted my money there but it was a good experience.

And lastly, this was the third wig I bought from them. My friend Chrystal (on the left) is actually wearing my Yesstyle wig! haha! This was when we were in Vegas a few months ago. I actually ended up selling that wig to her because I wasn't wearing it anymore :(  But I love this green wig! Look how pretty the curls are and how nice the color is! ^^ It looks a bit uncurled on the right side but that's because I was up all night in it. The nice thing about EpicCosplay wigs are that they are all heat resistant! So you can curl them, straighten them, just like real hair! Now that's high quality.

It's kind of hard to tell because it's not a good quality photograph, but the above photo is without flash. And as you can see, there's more shine to the Yesstyle wig that my friend is wearing than the other wigs I bought from EpicCosplay. The shine in wigs show that it's really synthetic so I think the shinier the wig, the faker it looks. The pink wigs were around $30 each and the long mermaid green wig was about $45. Which is STILL significantly cheaper than the Yesstyle wig.

Even though it's for cosplay, if you're looking for DIY wigs or cute colors to work with, I'd definitely give EpicCosplay a chance! It's not CHEAP really.... but the wigs are really quite gorgeous. I've yet to be disappointed with them.

Rating: 9.0

- Every color you can think of!
- High quality synthetic fiber
- Heat resistant
- Lots of Anime styles
- Cute styles

- Looks fake with flash
- Kinda pricey but you get what you paid for.


I know I haven't gotten the ebay wig yet, but I purposely wanted to do a separate post on it because I also wanted to include the Park Bom look in the post as well! So that's coming soon!
A long time ago, I said I'd do a look for CL from 2NE1, since I had received so much positive feedback from the Park Bom look. But again, I didn't really have the time or money to come up with a CL look, so my apologies if you were anticipating it! I'll be doing a CL look soon as well, but since I don't want to pay money for a blonde wig, I'll probably just do my roots (since I'm already blonde...) and do a look that centers on her style and makeup.

Until then,
Stay chic!



  1. i looked at the firs tpicture without reading before and i instantly thought park bom. wtffffffffff you're park bom, i'm minji! let's team up! haha

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