China Glaze: Lorelei's Tiara

Black leather x Lorelei's Tiara

OOOH! I'm loving all the glittery holiday nail polish colors out at Ulta right now. I bought this glittery silver polish along with a gold one and I love them both so much!


I like that there are tiny little blue specks on this one. Makes it all the prettier in the light.

I put a black nail polish underneath because I thought Tiara would be really light in color, but it actually is really opaque and tbh, looks better without the black (I did it without black on my right hand LOL) but one shall experiment right?? :)

Shoutout to my girl Eileen (Sneakerette) for inspiring me to swatch more of my nail polishes! Keeps my nails from looking dull and me biting them. >__<


  1. i love that shade and the sparkles *___* you need to put like a jack skellington somewhere haha

  2. oooooh this is PURTEEEEEE!
    i'm totally diggin all the glittery polishes that have been comin out lately! its just a frikkin pain to remove.. hhaha.
    i used to bite my nails a lot, but it stopped once i got into nail polish =] thanks for the shout btw <33


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