PARK BOM look version 2.0

I finally got my wig in the mail today! HOORAY! Shipped from HK, so it took a little while to ship but it took roughly 2 weeks or so, which isn't that bad. Now the only thing I'm missing are my circle lens which I ordered from EyeCandyLens.com. 
As a disclaimer, I know that ECL is a website a lot of bloggers have been talking about, but I also think that a lot of the bloggers that order from them need to inform people from the U.S. (especially because most of those bloggers ARE from the U.S.) how long the shipping takes. Because maybe it's just me but I get extremely impatient and antsy when shipping for a small business online takes too long. I always feel like I'm never going to get it or something. But anyway, I say this because I ordered the contacts about 3 weeks ago and they still haven't come. I know they are also shipping from HK but still......
I realize a lot of the bloggers who use ECL are actually sponsored by them, so they get the lenses for free. So I guess it's not much to complain about. But I paid $25 for a pair of circle lenses. I want to make sure they come and come soon! Anyway......

Since I got the wig, I got way too excited and decided to just try the wig on and do make-up for it. Unfortunately, my DSLR is being wonky and I think I might've broken the lens :(( so until it's fixed, my laptop camera will have to suffice. I know, I know, the quality sucks, but it's better than nothing right?

Two things you should note is that I obviously am not wearing the circle lens so it does make a big difference....and also the other BIG DIFFERENCE is that I'm not wearing any double eyelid glue or sticker. Bom takes WAYY too much eye make-up for the glue or sticker to hold up, so yeah. I know this 'look' is purely for fun and I don't expect to look identical to her, but still....I'm pretty OCD about things like this. I want to try and look as SIMILAR as possible to whatever I'm replicating. So I'm kinda sad I don't have the contacts, but meh! It was still cool wearing the wig! LOL

Reference photos of Park Bom of 2NE1.




  1. your eye makeup is on point! what happened to your camera lens btw? :(
    LOL love yur lip syncing sesh :D

  2. Thanks! I think I was trying to pick up my cat and I had my camera in my hand and he was jumping out and I threw the camera on the ground on accident >__< MY BABY!! I was so sad. The lens is making weird sounds and it's having trouble focusing :(( Manual focus seems fine but not auto....errr

    I'm not too sure if its the camera mirror or the lens though. I'm pretty sure it's just the lens but I feel like a part in the camera might be moving around so I need to get it checked out. My other lens is full manual so i cant test the auto feature. All the pictures kept coming out blurry though :((

  3. YES YOU DID IT!!!! AND I LOVE ITTTTTTTTT. i still need to try do Minzy's makeup but haven't had time D:

  4. omg gurl you do not need to "TRY" to do Minzy's makeup. Because you are minzy. Hahahaha ok no seriously, you look so similar to her naturally >__>

  5. Anonymous9.7.12

    Omgomg awesome!! Could you please link me what wig you bought? i have been searching for it sooooo long!! Its great quality looks like your hair! Btw awesome make up


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