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Okay okay, it's time to finally write about something I've been really into lately.....


I know I've mentioned it a couple times in different posts but I've been wanting to blog about it more elaborately and explain the game to people (or girls!) who have never played it before but may be into or interested in video games.

Okay, so I'm going to try to explain the game in the simplest way possible, without sounding retarded.

TRY, is the keyword here.

If you're actually interested in the gameplay, you can read this article HERE. It tells you all the basics you need to know. To be honest, it's really not too hard to pick up. I mean, I'm not a hardcore gamer. To be honest, I love video games but I don't play them very often. But the tutorials in the beginning of the game really help and it's really easy to pick up. HOWEVER, it does take some skill to be actually GOOD at the game. And once you get into it, there is ALOT of information to take in.

But I think that's why I really like this game.

It's not just about one character or trying to kill off all your enemies. It's about working as a team and using your knowledge to win a game.

So basically,
LoL is an MMO, which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. MMO's are all about PvP which simply means, "PLAYER vs PLAYER". Meaning, unlike RPG's which are games about just your character interacting with a pre-made world and computer characters in that world, MMO's are all about playing AGAINST other real human players online. Hence, it does take skill and practice to be good at the game because you are up against other players who play well or play differently. Kind of like fighting games, but this is totally different.

There are A SHIT ton of characters to choose from. I think around 80+.

So in League, you are called a "Summoner" and your characters are called "CHAMPIONS". You basically choose one champion, who has their own set of 4 skills and has their own class as well. 'Class' means each champion has a specific ROLE. An example would be LUX, who is the witch looking girl posted above. She is considered a "ranged caster" or a MAGE. Then there is the other girl above her, IRELIA. She's considered a "melee assassin". And each of these champions play an important role when setting up the game. You fight in a team of five other champions against five other champions. The point of the game is to destroy the enemy team's NEXUS, which is basically, their BASE.

Think of it like, advanced Stratego. Or any other game that requires you to destroy an enemy team's base in order to win.

(Shen, the ninja assassin / tank)

What I really like about League of Legends is the multiple different champions you can play. It makes the game versatile in many ways. Even though it's the same map, with the same rules, the game doesn't get boring because there are so many different team match ups that each game is a little bit different. And there are so many different elements that go into each champion, you find yourself constantly learning new things to make yourself a better player.

For example, your champions don't just go into a fight with nothing in hand. Another crucial part of the game's knowledge is building items for your character. Items are extremely important because they can either make or break a game. Depending on what you build on your champion, you can completely wipe out the enemy team or get eaten alive by them. So in other words, you have to build SMART. Every item has it's reasons and there are alot of items available so you'll find yourself quick to try and learn about each item.
Knowing what the enemy champion is building will make all the difference in the world.
For instance, if the enemy champion has mainly MAGIC damage, then you want to build an item that gives you MAGIC RESISTANCE. Pretty logical if you think about it.

And there's alot that goes into the game, as I said, but it's also not too hard to pick up.
LoL is the fastest growing MMO at the moment and has quickly turned into a competitive game. There are actual championships and world wide events that take place for League of Legends. The last one was held in Korea and I think the grand prize was like $10,000 or something! *__* That's $2,000 per person on the winning team!! Pretty big deal I think.

Anyway, if any of the readers here are interested in starting the game, don't hesitate to ask! I'm always interested in playing with new people, even though I have a hard time playing with my other friends already =___=. But it'll be nice to get other people into it. It's really nothing more than a little hobby but it's really fun! :D I don't think you have to be all that competitive unless you are REALLY serious about getting into the game. To be honest, I can be competitive but I mostly just play because it's fun. I mean, no duh. If it wasn't fun, why would anyone play it? haha. Point is, if you want to start, I can help you get started!

YES, it's totally free to play. But you have to buy the champions. (Meaning, all the champions are "LOCKED" until you unlock them either through points you gain while playing the game, or you can buy Riot Points to buy champions as well, but that requires REAL money.) Or, if you're like me, you can use real money to buy champion alternative 'skins' aka COSTUMES. Some are really cute okay!
For example, this is RIVEN. She's one of my favorite champions right now (a melee fighter) and this is her DEFAULT look.

You can use money to buy her a skin, like SO...

Redeemed Riven! SO much more badass looking right???/ Okay, I'm a nerd for spending money on a game. Leave me alone. >__> YOURE JUST JEALOUS.

Okay, I'm done talking about this now.

Let me know if you have any questions / want to know more about the game, or save me the trouble and go to the website. :P jk jk

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