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Quick update I wanted to make about a new album I've been listening to recently.

When it comes to Kpop these days, I just don't really get it. Nothing really sounds intuitive or that great. Back in the 90's I think the reason Kpop was so great was that instead of trying to sound like American music, there was a lot of incorporation of different styles and genres that were popular not only in America but Europe. And everything had an Asian twist. Nowadays Kpop just sounds like it's trying too hard to sound like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. If I wanted to listen to those artists, I'd listen to them! Ya know?? Regardless, there have been a few artists that I really like. For instance, I LOVE 2NE1. I just think more than their music though, they carry on a very unique character and vibe. The next group on my list is called Miss A. They are part of JYP Entertainment (Wonder Girls, Rain, 2PM etc..) and the group consists of two Korean girls and two Chinese girls. Let me just say this. These girls can sing and these girls must be working with a great producer because their music is actually pretty good.

This is their newest single, "Goodbye Baby"

This is actually my favorite track on the album "Help Me". I think I like it because it kinda has a very nostalgic sound in some ways. Reminds me of a 90's R&B Kpop track.

I don't think they are spectacular or anything, but compared to the typical catchy Kpop that you hear these days, I think they're actually pretty talented. I mean, no offense to groups like Girl's Generation or F(X) or 4Minute or whoever.....sometimes catchy music and cute faces get old pretty quick. I think it's too general. Miss A isn't a particular pretty group of girls either but as I said, they can sing and I think their album was very well produced.

I have to commend JYP for making good girl groups at least. I was never a fan of SM Entertainment's girls group. They typically are just all looks and little talent. I really liked Wonder Girls from JYP. It's too bad they died off though.

Anyway if you're interested, you can get the album here!

[DL] Miss A - A Class

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