Far East Movement came out into the US music market and proved that even Asians can go viral on the American charts.

Now meet AZIATIX. They're a three man rapping/singing sensation chalk full of talent, ready to make it big.

Hip hop, R&B, & KPOP mashed into one sound, these guys really go hard in trying to create the perfect compilation album of catchy tunes and likable lyrics. With sounds that influence from American R&B/Hip Hop artists like Bow Wow, Ne-Yo, and Chris brown, Aziatix is coming on hard to represent R&B for the Asian community in America. "Go" is the newest of their released singles and has a good blend of catchy lyrics and soothing beats. There's a good chance that with excellent marketing and lots of word of mouth, these guys will go big in the U.S. But regardless of race, Aziatix's "Go" gets an A+ rating from my ears. At the end of the day, it's not really about who's representing what culture or even "Asian pride". It's all about the music.


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