Marvel vs Capcom 3 meet!

Luca from my favorite RPG of all time! CHRONO TRIGGER

Angry Birds :3

ugh i love japanese packaging so much

cool pixel art handmades

my adorably squishy and fat cute platypus!! (squishables.com)

Patrick cohosting Banzai Arcade

There weren't many pictures cuz the lighting was really dim :/

My friends being silly

Patrick and Kajet doing their thing

Anthony as Wild Arms (lol actually Wild Dog from Time Crisis but I kept
calling him WILD ARMS.)

My handsome boys :) 

Friends Chrystal and Kajet

Hotel room at the Marriot

Our friend Nigz dressed up as Rick James and me with
and obnoxiously big ass bow lol

Classy couple :B ps, I love those shoes so damn much even if they were
the most impulsive purchase ever. WIN!

Patrick looking charming and me with my derp face :B

Anthony, me, and Patrick 

Random ass Military tank (read story below)
Despite it being really over-exposed, I have to say this is a pretty badass photo. The view on the PCH is so nice.
[Photo taken by Patrick.] 

Here's a bonus photo that I literally just took RIGHT NOW (2:52am Cali time) Anthony just made some Miso soup YUM!

So everything was cool until we were driving back and ended up taking this detour on a military road. It was flipping scary as hell. We were literally driving at the top of the mountains on a one way road with sharp turns and no fences or barriers. Hella crazy but we made it out alive. We saw some military tanks and Patrick insisted we took pictures to have a memorabilia of this crazy event.

Anyway, I shall now enjoy my miso soup. Sorry there aren't much photos folks. Next con (AX or AM2) I'll definitely take more pics! Hopefully I wont be on my damn period >__> and the lighting was really bad most of the time so you'll have to excuse my photography skillz, which I don't have much of. I took a lot of photos on my cellphone so I posted those up too. I love my phone. Great camera and it's convenient. :3 Oh technology, how I love/hate you.

Until next time :)


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