Alot of people have asked me about my hair because when they see it they usually think I'm just tucking my hair to one side. Then they realize I really have two different lengths to my hair.
Left side

Right side

It used to be a lot shorter on the right side, like to my ear I think.
I don't have a reference photo at the moment but it was pretty--
cool looking? I suppose....

I think most people think my hair style is pretty "weird", for lack of
better term, but others think it's cool and they want to know
how to get it done and make it look right. 

Well first of all, remember that it looks cool when you first get
it cut but then as it grows (as you can see...) it doesn't look as
cool as when you first got it cut. You can keep maintaining the
style or just let it grow out and pretend it never happened. 

I just want my hair to grow out in general which is why I haven't
cut it off. At first it seemed kinda weird because my left side was
growing really fast but after a while I've learned to embrace it.

As you might guess, I cut my hair myself. Most salons wouldn't
really suggest something as dramatic as this because they're going
to think it looks weird on you and because they don't want liability
for fucking up your hair. So my advice is that you get a somewhat
asymmetrical cut and then cut it shorter or style it yourself or ask 
someone to do it for you. 

Anyway, it's FANIME weekend already! Unbelievable. Time goes
by so fast! So I'll be in NorCal this weekend. Woot woot!
PS, I hate being a redhead usually but this bleached color is 
growing quite fondly with me lol. I'm wondering if I should
keep it a bit longer before I dye it to my dark ask brown color.
Hmm....shall see. Most likely I'll end up dying my hair at Fanime
or something. 



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  1. ZOMGZ you had an asymmetrical cut? That's super awesome. I love how they look but I doubt I'd be able to pull it off myself, plus I'm really fickle so I'd proli want my hair back asap haha.


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