Snowbunny Nidalee

My bf and I are both huge avid players of League of Legends and he's a big fan of one of the champions named NIDALEE (which is also the name of our newest kitty ^__^)

TL;DR, RiotGames comes out with Champion skins which players can buy with real money. Some skins are exclusive and cannot be purchased once they are no longer sold. Needless to say, all the skins that came out way before are no longer available. One of his favorites was Snow Bunny Nidalee. Here's the Chinese splash art for it: 

For Christmas, I couldn't get him the skin....so I thought I could make him the skin XD And since I've been practicing with vector art again, I thought I'd put it to some use. 

It took me about a good 4hrs to do it, only using the Pen Tool on Illustrator. It's a bitch trust me. I'm sure this is why tablets exist. But they're expensive :(. I generally start off by rough lines via the pencil tool, which tends to create very rounded edges. To then create the sharp, clean look, I'll trace over with the pen tool. It takes a while but if you practice with the pen tool enough, it starts to feel second nature. I'm not on that level yet lol but I definitely feel like I'm getting more and more used to it. And to be quite honest, the pen tool has become my best friend with most of my designs. I'm a simplistic designer so naturally, vector art is something I really dig. 

Speaking of tablets, I did get a miniature drawing tablet for myself on Christmas. I say "miniature" because that thing is tiny. lol. The drawing space is like, 5x3 or something like that. But I think if anything, it's nice for photo editing. I've yet to really draw intricate things on it yet because it's quite hard actually. Drawing on paper and drawing on a tablet is completely different. I'll learn to use it eventually. 


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