Studded 'Wang' style

I think as a female (or male...flamboyant male....or not...) most of us have a "favorite" handbag. Well, the funny thing is, I used to not even be into bags at all until recently, like in the last two years or so. I was never really a carry-around-a-bag-and-shit kind of girl but recently I've been obsessed with a few bags.
Anyway, those of you who have more than one bag, I'm sure you have a favorite. For me, my favorite handbag happens to be the CHEAPEST. Who says expensive means it's always the best? (Okay, maybe it's my favorite because I modified it....but still.) 

I was at Nordstrom Rack once and just browsed around for a cheap top because we were going to hang out with my bf's co-workers and I didn't bring anything nice to wear. In the midst of looking for a top, I found this nice handbag. It was $40 and I thought it was pretty practical. Then I found out that the zipper was kind of broken (which I fixed btw...lol) and I got it for discount at like $25! I mean, I totally believe that you shouldn't fix something you PAY for, but in this case I thought it was a really cheap price for such a nice quality handbag. So I took it in and had master plans to make it even more AWESOME.

I LOOOOVE studs. I know it's a big thing in fashion right now but I've always thought there was something really cool about studded bags and jackets. So with that in mind, I ordered some studs online and tried my hands at studding my bag! I mean, this was a $25 bag......so I figured if I mess up, well.....I'll pretend it was a really nice meal I bought. lol.

What I really liked about the bag initially was that there were THREE (3) straps! I really like functionality so this was a huge reason as to why I got the bag. You can wear it like a clutch bag, a shoulder bag, or cross-body bag! I studded the extended strap too. I went a little studcrazy. @__@

The style I was going for was Alexander Wang Coco bag. Also, the bottom is the easiest to stud because there is no hard shape that forms on the rest of the bag so the studs would look a bit wonky.

The reason this is my favorite bag right now is because it does everything I want a nice handbag to do!

The quality is great. Plus I got it for SUUUUPER cheap. The functionality is awesome as I can wear it formally or casually. It's black so it will go with most of my outfits. It has style thanks to the studs! So it shows a bit more of a high fashion--edgy look to it.

I seriously love this bag. I think that it's fun to find great bargains on bags and clothes and be able to alter them yourself to enhance them. I seriously cringe when I buy a really expensive bag or shoes because I feel like, it's really not always worth it. Most of the really expensive things I can't even wear so it's like---what's the point? Anyway, I didn't take pics of the process (sorry!) but I plan on studding other things so I'll show you guys how to do it. It's actually really easy. It's just a bit time consuming and also can be kind of painful if you're not careful lol. I stabbed myself with the sharp ends of the studs a few times but if you're patient, you'll come out with some really cool looking stuff. :)

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