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So a while back I ordered this awesome blonde wig on ebay. Although I liked it, one thing I hate about generic long wigs are that they are just straight and have no style and also they tend to be really HEAVY. So to fit my face a little better and to give the wigs a 'style' so they look a bit more realistic, I cut my own wig! I've actually done this in the past with my other wigs but I was a bit lazy lol. Plus, even though I've been cutting my own hair for years and years, cutting a wig is tricky because once you mess up, it WON'T grow back (unless some magical spell is casted upon it but ya know....) I took the risk and carefully cut the bangs and the hair a bit to resemble real hair styles.

My reference was actually Hilary Duff from back when she did Lizzie McGuire. LOL that and Reese Witherspoon. I wanted this blonde wig to give me that........"Girl next door" blonde hair. xD I think it worked pretty well.

 Sorry the pictures aren't that great quality, I took these with my crappy phone camera. lol but I think you get the picture.

 Without makeup, I think I look really weird with long blonde hair. 
Then again, all Asians with blonde hair look pretty weird without makeup lol

 Yeah the makeup helps.

Here's a friendly reminder that you should always take photos from ABOVE your eye level
and not super below your eye level to avoid the dreaded "double chin". Just sayin. 
Of course I always have to leave you guys with a really.....interesting.....pic of myself.

What do you think? Did I manage to pull it off?

I really wish my hair was ACTUALLY like that now that I styled and cut the wig. Too bad it's so difficult for Asians to have really blonde hair THIS blonde without it turning orange as your roots grow out :( and not to mention, without damaging your hair because obviously the only way to get it THAT blonde from black hair is to bleach it. 

I guess that's what wigs are for. :)

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