I got my Sugarpill package in the mail today! :) 

Miss Kika designed packaging 

Mochi and Acidberry

Sorry the quality of the photo is meh. I took it with my phone to post it on Instagram really quick LOL. The excitement of packages gets to me........

I was ITCHING to get these two colors as soon as I saw Amy from Sugarpill rock it in her looks on instagram. Boy does that woman have some awesome colorful looks that she can pull off so well. It makes me want to buy every single of one of those eye shadows on her website. 
Besides, how can you deny the absolute prettiness of the package design? Isn't it awesome? I mean seriously, being the packaging whore that I am, I knew I'd instantly throw my money at the Sugarpill website just because of the packaging. But as we all know, judging a book by it's cover may turn out to be disappointing. Not with Sugarpill though! The colors are really unique and very pigmented! They are absolutely lovely. And for $12 each they're pretty nicely priced too!

Okay anyway, I'll actually use these colors and post them on my blog to show you guys what they look like on my face :D If you've been reading my blog, you know that I'm not really wearing any makeup these days. So I figure buying these would kind of inspire me again to try cool makeup or whatnot. 


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  1. those colors are so prettyyyyy!!! i can't wait to see the look you come up with! maybe you'll cause a chain reaction and i'll get inspired to use my makeup again too haha :D


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