Make-up station!

Just thought I'd like to share my make-up area. It's not much but at least it's organized! loll I bought the clear container at Target as well as the white 3 tier drawer thing. Pretty nifty yo! Target has these little sale thingys for $1! I bought the heart shaped basket for 1 buck at Target! teehee

The mirror from Costco, which Patrick bought me :3 since before that I was using the big mirror on my closet to do my makeup :( . The drawers have all my compacts, eye shadow palettes, and powders. The top has my brushes and I bought the brush container at some Japanese store in Little Tokyo. Behind my make-up tray are my face wipes and in the pink basket is my lotions, make-up remover, fix+, and other misc.
I've also been experimenting with different eye shadow looks. Glitter!! I'll do a tutorial of this super simple glittery eye lash look later! Stay tuned.


  1. nice set up!! i have the same eye roller lolol yay!
    and omg your bom eyes

  2. ooooh can't wait to see your tutorial! that looks suuuuper pretty--i LOVE cat eyes!
    that heart basket is super cute. everyone seems to find the coolest stuff at target but i never see anything when im there -___- love your organization btw (:


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