I got my eye on Vegas.

Vegas is a great place to take your camera around. With so many interesting architecture and interior designs, it's definitely a place of wonder and amusement, even to those who are all too familiar with the bright city.

I took these photographs when I first shot with a DSLR camera. It was back in 2009 and the camera that I used was a Canon Rebel XTi that I borrowed from my school. Ever since then, I was dying to own my very own DSLR. Now that I have one, I'm excited to go back to Vegas and improve my ability to capture interesting photographs. Photography is definitely an art and I've seen some amazing artistic photographs from professionals and other aspiring individuals, but let's face it, I'll never be "professional" in this field. As fun as it is, photography is just an expensive ass hobby. :P The point to me, however, is just to have fun and enjoy what I capture.

Something that I was into for a while was "Cinematic Photography". I'm pretty sure it requires a certain type of filter and camera lens, but since I don't have the money to spoil my camera just yet, I used a little friend named Photoshop to help me out. :) I really like the effects and colors that cinemas use so it's something I'm still experimenting with. 

I'll be going back to Vegas next weekend so I'm ready to snap snap!


  1. omgggg im going to vegas THIS weekend! haha. cant wait to take pictures :D

  2. oh awesome! hahah so are a lot of people it seems o__o i think it's because of EVO or something. but have fun! take lots of awesome photos! Where you staying at?

  3. ahaha thanks (: yeeee i can't wait to do some major shopping after my final :D i have no clue where we're staying at, my aunt just told me we should go since it's the one free weekend i have between summer sessions, so i wz like yeaaaahh let's go! what about youu?

  4. man! why cant everyone go next weekend??? could be a massive meetup! hahahaha

    You to UCI right? So funny cuz I'm actually at UCI right now ahaha I swear, I'm going to run into you one day with my little camera! lol

    I'm not sure where we're staying yet. We're trying to be cheap cuz I'm super broke -___- lawl. I think Imperial Palace or something like that? Pretty good deal on it right now from Kayak.


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