Superficial on the OUTSIDE.....is okay. Right?


"DAT" would be Kaoru Watanabe. She's a (or was...) a Gyaru model. "Gyaru" is a type of Japanese street fashion that mixes in a lot of different elements from cute, to edgy, punky, and sexy, to create a unique kind of 'high fashion' in Japan. It's influence has crossed over to America and all over the world now. Some may say it's "overboard" fashion but to many girls, it's just absolutely "KAWAII". [best explanation ever, I know.]

So what does that have to do with ME, right? Well, I made the above banner a while back for my old Livejournal (as you can see from URL name) when I was really interested in the fashion. To be honest, it's a little bit 'much' for my styles, but aesthetically, gyaru style was pretty fascinating. It's every sparkly, glitter lover's dream lifestyle! And as much as I would love to be engaged in a style like that, it just doesn't fit me very well.

But even now, I'm always interested in fashion and different beauty styles. I love looking at pictures of shit I could never afford, like a Chanel bag or a pair of LouBoutins. If I had the money to blow on things like that, would I? OF COURSE. Most people that "know" me, assume that I'm as far from being superficial as they come, but I'm not going to lie. I have my superficial side every now and then.

In any event, I follow a lot of blogs on here that are all about clothes, beauty, hair, and all that jazz. I rarely post pictures of me here, but that's mostly because I don't dress myself up enough to really put up anything worth looking at. I get inspired though, whenever I'm looking at other people's blogs. I think it's cute how they dress up. I wish I had the energy to do that more often but I guess I'm getting old. lol. Truth is, I'm not home enough these days to take the time to glam myself up. And I can't remember the last time I needed to wear HEELS. It's been a while but sometimes the girly girl in me misses that kind of thing.

Which comes down to the main point of me writing this in the first place. As much as I like to keep my life somewhat private, I think the point of blogging is to express who I am, in hopes to be able to connect to those with similar interests and for people who don't know me very well, to get a glimpse of who i really am inside of the surface. Getting "dolled" up is a part of me that not a lot of people know about, because I am seriously the biggest tomboy you'll ever meet. I'm all about t-shirts, sweats, jeans, and sneakers. I LOVE SNEAKERS, mostly because I have flat feet and heels kill me after a while. But I'll try to put my 'girly' side more out there, since it's something I rarely get to express. It'll be.....fun?

I think alot of people put superficiality into fashion and beauty too much with the wrong impression. Being superficial as a person is one thing, but being a little "superficial" on the outside, doesn't necessarily mean that the person is some high maintenance spoiled brat. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear makeup and feel beautiful, if it means that it gives a girl confidence. There's no harm in splurging on clothes and makeup every now and then, if it means that it makes a girl feel stylish and again, confident. Materialistic things in this world cannot define who you are. If you're a stupid girl, no amount of beauty is going to make you look intelligent. And if all you care about is how you 'look', then that's a shame because there is so much more to a person than what meets the eyes. If you can exude yourself inside AND out, then that is what makes you truly a person worth admiring.

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