Essentials in small packages

If you're like me, you probably want to carry the least amount of stuff wherever you go, but still have all the stuff you know you'll need. Well, I thought I'd share how I store all my necessities when I'm going to school :) 
First off, having my makeup with me has become a necessity to me. I don't really wear makeup when I go to school, except for maybe some foundation or cover-up, but there are times where I'd be in situations where I'd go out with friends from school to some event and my face looks horrid. That's when I realized that it would be nice to have a little pack where I keep my most necessary makeup with me. I bought this transparent, almost like pencil case sized makeup pouch at Rite Aid for $3. It was the perfect size for compact amount of makeup. 
When I think "necessary" i think of the makeup that I know I will need and what I need only. I actually have a lot of makeup at home for some reason, but I know I can't bring everything. Just the bare necessities is all you need to work with in case of emergencies. (From top left to bottom right: Givenchy mini perfume, Maybeline Eyestudio gel eyeliner, Rhoto V eye drops, eyeliner penci
l, eyeliner with smudge brush, Rimmel Glameyes mascara, Bareminerals foundation in Golden, L'Oreal smoky eyes quad, Amazing Cosmetics concealer, Skin perfect gel (I may do a review on this because it's sooooo awesome!), and Lancome dual finish powder  compact.) If you're interested in knowing more about any of these products listed, feel free to ask me! I'd be more than happy to review it. :) 
This super cute Hello Kitty wallet/mini purse thingy I got from Loungefly! It's small and compact, yet big enough to store some important things. 

I use it to store my ipod charger, my flash drives, and memory cards! I also store my earbuds when I'm not using them. I've bought about 12 different ear buds in the past few years. I keep ending up breaking them somehow! I figure it's all the abuse it takes from being thrown around in my pocket, dragging on the ground accidentally sometimes, and being stuffed in my bag with all this other crap in there. It's much better to store your earphones somewhere safe where it won't snag or end up breaking. Investing in a little container for it will keep them working for much longer.  
Pencil case made from thin, plastic material. Small and durable for your most important and useful tools. 
This isn't actually what I normally keep in my pencil pouch, but tonight I took with me my set of Micron pens to work on some sketches. Usually I have a couple different pens and pencils with lead and eraser, but for the purpose of this, here is a full set of tools that fit right into this little pouch. And there's room for more! I actually bought the pouch from my school for about $3. You can probably find something like this anywhere they sell school supplies. Not too big, not too small. Perfect to putting in my backpack or my bag if I'm traveling around.

I hope this post was a bit informative. It's not anything innovative or something you shouldn't already know, but if you're messy and hectic like I am, always going out and wanting to not carry too much, then it's good to invest in these cute little pouches and whatnot.

Until next time, (: 

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